Your tourist guide to Eastern Thailand

Ko Samet Beach robot42/Flickr

Ko Samet Beach ©robot42/Flickr

The region named Eastern Thailand includes three major parts: Trat Province, Inner Eastern Thailand and the Eastern Gulf Coast. Trat Province is famous for its off-shore islands: the popular Ko Chang archipelago, Ko Kut and the less-known Ko Mak, while the Eastern Gulf Coast is famous for the resorts of Pattaya and Ko Samet, the city of Chonburi, Rayong Beach and other destinations.

If you are planning a journey to this astonishing region, I suggest you to read the following guide first. It will serve as your tourist guide to Eastern Thailand. With several beaches, islands and interesting places to discover, the region will surely be one of your favorite memories. Visit as many sights of it as you can. You surely won’t regret it!


As one of the most popular tourist destinations of Eastern Thailand, Pattaya is a fantastic seaside resort. The major highlight of the city is the long sandy beach. It is usually very crowded, the majority of tourists arriving from Bangkok. There are also several islands which belong to Pattaya. These are accessible by boat trips. There are on offer great activities like parasailing or jet skiing. Besides, the city includes other kinds of attractions, too, including museums, Buddhist temples, the Sanctuary of Truth and so on. The festivals and Pattaya’s nightlife are also very attractive for tourists.

View over Pattaya Beach A flickr photographer/ookaboo

View over Pattaya Beach ©A flickr photographer/ookaboo

Ko Samet

One of the most spectacular islands of the region, Ko Samet is a popular tourist destination. It is famous for its gorgeous beaches of which Hat Sai Kaeo is the most popular one. The name means Crystal Sand Beach which speaks for itself. Diving, windsurfing, fishing and boat trips are very popular among tourists. Choosing Ko Samet as your holiday destination is surely a good choice!

Ko Samet Beach robot42/Flickr

Ko Samet Beach ©robot42/Flickr

Ko Chang

The Ko Chang archipelago is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Eastern Thailand. Thailand’s second largest island, Ko Chang is famous for its fantastic beaches, wonderful natural attractions including waterfalls and the Mu Ko Chang National Park. Some great outdoor activities are also attractive for visitors, including elephant trekking, hiking, diving and others.

Ko Chang Island

Ko Chang Island ©

Ko Kut

Less known, but still very attractive, Ko Kut is well-known for its coconut plantations and tiny villages. The island presents fantastic beaches, yet it is not crowded at all. If you want to avoid the crowds, I suggest you to choose Ko Kut!


Chonburi Province and city are both attractive for visitors. There are several sights in the province which are absolutely worth visiting. With several Buddhist temples, beaches and festivals, it attracts dozens of visitors every year. It is one of the most attractive areas of the region of Eastern Thailand.




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