Your guide to the best elephant safaris in Thailand

Elephant ride, photo by oksidor/Flickr

Do you love Thailand? Do you love unique experiences? Do you love elephants? Well, if all the answers are “yes”, this article is the perfect source of information for your next holiday. Thailand is a country of exotic holidays and unique experiences. If you would like to discover the wilderness, I suggest you do it during an elephant safari. You will have the occasion to explore the spectacular jungle, socialize with the amazing elephants and meet hill tribes where you will be expected by hospitable people, introducing you into their authentic way of life. Asian Elephant Safari in the north of Chiang Mai are the most popular safaris in Thailand. There are different packages of elephant safaris of which you can choose depending on what your preferences are.


What is a Mahout course?

A Mahout course is practically learning how to command, handle, wash, feed and ride an elephant. There are 3- or 4-days Mahout courses organized by Asian Elephant Safari. You will have part of a unique experience, learning how to ride an elephant during a course organized in lush jungle. Trainers will also teach you how to wash, feed and command an elephant. It is very interesting and entertaining. These wonderful giant animals are quite easy to handle if someone knows how to do it right. You will also learn how to find the elephant in dense jungle talking about rewarding.

Elephant ride, photo by oksidor/Flickr


Activities during the safari

There are numerous activities besides the Mahout course that will surely amaze you during the elephant safari. You can go birdwatching with a specialist, glean mushroom also with an expert, fish in the wonderful rivers in the jungle and so on. You will have the occasion to meet indigenous tribes where you will be expected with such hospitality you won’t wish to return home. They will teach you how to cook traditional Thai food and you will also have the possibility to relax and indulge in the famous Thai massage. There are packages offered by Asian Elephant Safari which include baths in hot springs or in the cool waters of gorgeous waterfall pools. These days spent in the jungle will surely make a memorable holiday.

Washing the elephant, photo by archer10 (Dennis)/Flickr

Where to sleep

During the safari you won’t return to any hotel located in urban areas. You will have the unique occasion to sleep in the jungle. There is a spectacular accommodation in the Wat Chan Mountains, created by Asian Elephant Safari. These are actually lodges built from bamboo and pine, just like the lodges of the hill tribes. These comfortable eco lodges will give you the feeling you are a member of the tribe, one with nature. Spending some nights in one of the lodges is certainly an unforgettable experience.

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