Your guide to Southern Thailand

Krabi beach

Krabi beach ©

Southern Thailand is one of the most visited regions of the country. It is a region full of famous tourist destinations and attractions, including Thailand’s biggest island – Phuket, another popular seaside destination – Krabi, numerous other islands and dive sites, including Ko Tao, Ko Samui, Ko Phi Phi, Ko Tarutao and some fantastic cities with astonishing sights, including Patong, Hat Yai, Songkhla and so on. The southern part of Thailand has some of the world’s most spectacular beaches.

Whatever your preferences are, you will surely find at least one destination in the region which will suite your taste. If you would like to visit this part of the country and would like to find out more about its tourist destinations, read the following guide to Southern Thailand.


The largest island of the country is the world famous Phuket. In case you are a lover of sun, sand and sea, searching for the perfect holiday destination, Phuket is the place to go. It is a true paradise for beach-lovers.

The island is very well developed in terms of tourism and offers besides its pristine beaches some outstanding outdoor activities and visitor attractions. Diving and snorkeling are just two of the sports which can be practiced here. It can be found in the western part, in the Andaman Sea and drags millions of tourists yearly.

Surin Beach, Phuket MarkLeo/Flickr

Surin Beach, Phuket ©MarkLeo/Flickr


Another popular destination for beach-lovers is Krabi. Krabi Province is famous for its white sandy, pristine beaches, breathtaking coral reefs, crystal clear waters, several wonderful islands surrounding it and wonderful waterfalls. It is also situated in the Andaman Sea, being easily recognizable for its limestone cliffs. Diving and rock climbing are among the most popular outdoor activities.

Krabi beach

Krabi beach ©

Islands in the Gulf of Thailand

There are some fantastic islands in the eastern part of Southern Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand. Some of the most visited and most beautiful islands are Ko Samui, Ko Tao and Ko Pha Ngan. Ko Samui is famous for its beautiful beaches, coconut trees and diving sites. Another island full of coconut trees is the island of Ko Pha Ngan. The paradise for scuba divers is Ko Tao, although it is less developed than the previous two.

Islands in the Andaman Sea

Some popular islands in the western part, in the Andaman Sea are the following: Ko Lipe, Ko Phi Phi and the Similan Islands. Ko Phi Phi is extremely popular among tourists and so is Ko Lipe, with some of the best dive sites of Thailand. The Similan Islands are also famous for their fantastic dive sites and pristine beaches.

Ko Phi Phi Alex Telford/Flickr

Ko Phi Phi ©Alex Telford/Flickr

Hat Yai

The largest city in Southern Thailand is a very popular tourist destination. Hat Yai offers its visitors some great attractions and things to do. It is popular among Singaporean and Malaysian tourists.

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