Where to go in Thailand during low season

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In one of the previous articles I have already presented you the peak season and its characteristics in Thailand. Below I will present you the characteristics of low season and the places which are worth visiting during this period. You probably know that low season in the country runs from April to September. If you are planning your journey during these months, I suggest you to read the following guide before traveling. Just like in case of the peak season, low season has its advantages and disadvantages. Are you interested in the places you should visit besides the characteristics of low season? Below I will present you some facts relating to where to go in Thailand during low season.

Characteristics of low season

As I already mentioned it, low season runs from April to September. The hottest month in the country is April. If you love warm temperature, this month is the best period to visit the country, but if you can’t stand dog days, skip this month! After this month rainy season begins. Rain is not really “compatible” with tourist activities, but if heavy rains don’t bother you, you can visit Thailand during the rainy season, too. The main advantage of low season is that you can visit the country on a very low budget. The rooms are the cheapest during this period and you can also skip the crowds. The only disadvantage is the rainy weather.

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Visiting Thailand in April and May

As the temperature is the hottest during April, visiting the islands and beaches is a great option, especially the southern ones. Bangkok heats up extremely so it is not recommended to be visited in April. Some cooler parts of the country are the northern and southern parts, though there might be more rain in these regions. Chiang Mai in the northern part of the country is a great option for example. Some good destinations in the southeastern part of Thailand are Ko Tao, Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan. Ko Chang should be avoided during April because it sees a lot of rain in this month.

Lipa Noi Beach, Ko Samui ©Tsui/ookaboo

Visiting Thailand during the summer months

Summer months are very hot and rainy. The low season is characterized by low prices which is a great thing if you would like to visit Thailand on a low budget. Make sure to ask for air-conditioned room or cool bungalows. The offer is varied and most of the rooms are free. The best destinations to visit during summer months are Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, especially the last two. These are cooler than Bangkok.

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