Wandering in Northern Thailand

Waterfall in the Doi Inthanon National Park, photo by FMJRey/Flickr

Northern Thailand is a fantastic region of the country. There are numerous mountain ranges in the region, not to mention the fantastic cities, such as Chiang Mai. Besides the high mountains, there are also numerous rivers in Northern Thailand, making it a very attractive destination. The region includes nine provinces, among which are the provinces of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lampang, Lamphun and Mae Hong Son. To help you make a better image about Northern Thailand, in the following article there will be presented the best tourist attractions and places of interest. Read on to find out which are the most popular highlights of the region.


The Thanon Thong Chai Range

Occupying a large surface in Northern Thailand, the mountain range includes numerous protected areas, such as national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The area is characterized by outstanding natural beauty and attracts dozens of nature-lovers. The mountain range lies on the area of three provinces: Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Mae Hong Son. The highest peak in the mountain range is the Doi Inthanon.

There was created a national park which includes the Doi Inthanon. It is very popular among tourists, being home to some spectacular waterfalls, numerous species of plants and animals. Other popular national parks in Thanon Thong Chai are the Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and the Mae Ping National Park.

Waterfall in the Doi Inthanon National Park, photo by FMJRey/Flickr

The Phi Pan Nam Range

The mountain range of Phi Pan Nam is 400 km long and extends on the area of seven provinces. The mountain range is famous for being home to numerous species of plants and endangered species of animals, such as the Sun bear, the Indochinese Tiger, the Asiatic black bear, the Sambar Deer and so on. Asian elephants also live in some of the protected areas. As for the plant species, the flora is dominated by teak forests, including the golden teak which is appreciated by many.

Just like in the case of the previous mountain range, the Phi Pan Nam Range also includes numerous protected areas. These are national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. The region is undoubtedly worth visiting while wandering through Northern Thailand.

Doi Tung, photo by nealeanddalissa/Flickr

Chiang Mai Province

The second largest province of the country, Chiang Mai is a favorite destination for tourists. There are dozens of tourist attractions in this fantastic province and the festivals are also very popular. The city of Chiang Mai is one of the major tourist destinations in the province. The largest city of the country attracts millions of tourists each year.

It has numerous cultural attractions, not to mention the nearby natural attractions. Besides the numerous religious sites of which most are Buddhist temples, there are also museums and other places of interest in the city. The festivals of Chiang Mai are also popular, just like the surrounding natural attractions.

Chiang Rai Province

Another popular province in Northern Thailand is Chiang Rai. The city of Chiang Rai is a major tourist destination. It is home to numerous Buddhist temples and other attractions. The province of Chiang Rai is home to numerous cultural and natural attractions, making it one of the most popular provinces of Thailand. There are several mountain ranges here, such as the Doi Tung or the Doi Nang Non. Visiting the province is surely a fantastic experience.


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