Visitor’s guide to the wonders of Phuket


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If you are about to visit Thailand, you just can not miss the island of Phuket. You have already surely heard about the beautiful beaches of Phuket, but I am not sure you have heard of its viewpoints. Phuket has a picturesque landscape of which view is facilitated by the several viewpoints of it.  There are six major viewpoints in Phuket: Phromthep Cape, Kata Viewpoint, Windmill Viewpoint, Rang Hill (Khao Rang), Phuket Big Buddha and Radar Hill Viewpoint. If you are not that cozy, “lying on the beach all day long” type, get your map and find all the major viewpoints. I bet you won’t regret you spent a day wandering the island.


Phromthep Cape

It is probably Phuket’s best-known viewpoint. If you want to get to the viewpoint, you will have to cross Rawai Beach and go up to the island’s southernmost hill. You will find a lighthouse there. It affords wonderful views over the east and the southeast of the island. For those who are interested in history and art, visiting the museum that can be found inside the lighthouse, can be a great pleasure. It houses historical maritime artifacts.



View from Phromthep Cape by edwin11/flickr


Kata Viewpoint

This viewpoint is also a well-known site for tourists in Phuket, which is located between Kata Noi and Nai Harn beaches, in the southern part of Kata Noi beach. The local people call this viewpoint Three Beaches Hill (“Khao Saam Haad”). It is also visited by many tourists owing to its beautiful landscape and clear views of Karon, Kata Noi and Kata Yai beaches. It is easily accessible by car, making an about 10-minute drive from Kata Beach.


Windmill Viewpoint

Not far from Phromthep Cape, you will see several white, tall windmills of which the viewpoint has got its name. It is located in South Phuket, between Nai Harn and Ya Nui beaches. It is a quiet small viewpoint, but you can do several things here, such as sailing or airplane model flying.


Rang Hill (Khao Rang)

Phuket is quiet a hilly place, but many of the hilltops can be easily accessed. So is Rang Hill, which is located to the northwest of the centre of Phuket. It offers you a great view over the town, the southern part of the island and the Big Buddha, too. You will find three restaurants up there, so that you can take a rest and order a delicious traditional food. Visiting one of Rang Hill’s restaurants by night can be an unforgettable romantic experience for any of us.


Phuket Big Buddha

The impressive 45-meters high statue “sits” on the top of Nakkerd Hills. This viewpoint offers a perfect 360-degree view over the island. Being easily accessible, this statue is a must-see attraction of Phuket. The site is visited by hundreds of people, which is not surprising if we just look at the statue, that is layered with white marble. Don’t be surprised if you find donation boxes at the statue, because the project of Big Buddha relies on public donations.


Big Buddha

Big Buddha of Phuket, photo by jaoaism/flickr


Radar Hill Viewpoint

Being the highest viewpoint in Phuket, it can be accessed only from the east of the island. Not only the views from this site, but also the ones on the way up to Radar Hill are breathtaking. Radar Hill is actually a military base and many people think that it can not be visited. Don’t worry, reaching the top, you will find a sign of the “forbidden zone”, you can not confuse it.



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