Visit the Million Years Stone Park in Thailand

White tiger Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr

White tiger ©Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr

Have you already heard about the Million Years Stone Park? It is an astonishing visitor attraction in Thailand. The full name of the park is the Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm. Among the highlights of the park are over 200 years-old trees, millions years-old fossilized tree trunks and even stratified rocks. Besides, visitors can admire beautiful gardens full of colorful flowers and plants, not to mention the fantastic zoo and crocodile farm of the complex. If your holiday destination is the city of Pattaya or its surrounding area, I suggest you not to miss to visit the Million Years Stone Park. It is open every day from 08:00 until 18:30. (May 2013)

The stone park

As I already mentioned it, the highlights of the park are fossilized tree trunks, over 200 years-old trees, colorful flowers and plants and stratified rocks. The stone park includes many gardens, such as immense rock gardens, flower gardens and gardens full of exotic plants.

Among the rock formations there are strange animal-shaped rocks which weigh even tens of tons. Walking around these gardens is surely a unique experience, especially if you are a nature-lover. There is even a tram which takes the visitors around the park. I guarantee you will enjoy the visit.

The zoo

Another attraction of the complex is the zoo of which highlights are perhaps the beautiful white tigers. If you arrive with children or you just simply love animals, you can not miss to visit it.

Among the animal species of the zoo are: tigers, crocodiles, giraffes, camels, elephants, bears, horses and even some albino animals like bears, crocodiles and horses. There are some species of fish living in the zoo’s lakes, too, including the snakehead fish, the Thepha fish and even the Giant catfish.

White tiger Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr

White tiger ©Michael Gwyther-Jones/Flickr

The crocodile farm

Perhaps you’ve never seen a crocodile live. Well, if you would like to, visit this fantastic complex. As I already mentioned it, the park includes a unique crocodile farm. There are just a couple of such farms in Thailand.

This one is a great attraction of Pattaya, being considered to own the biggest population of salt water crocodiles in Thailand. The crocodiles live here in country’s largest water farm. Visitors have the occasion to watch thrilling crocodile shows, with animal trainers putting their heads inside the mouths of the crocodiles. It is surely an exciting experience. The shows can be watched every day at 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:20, 15:30 or 17:00. (May 2013)

Crocodile show lookslikeamy/Flickr

Crocodile show ©lookslikeamy/Flickr

Things to do

There are some great activities offered to the visitors. They can play with the animals, make photos with the crocodiles, elephants, bears and tigers, feed the crocodiles and so on. There is even a great playground in the park dedicated to the little ones.  

Elephants in Thailand Doug Beckers/Flickr

Elephants in Thailand ©Doug Beckers/Flickr

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