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The Phi Phi Islands are considered a very popular tourist destination in Thailand. Administratively the archipelago belongs to Krabi Province, being situated between the coastline of the Andaman Sea and the island of Phuket. The largest island of the archipelago is Ko Phi Phi Don which is a popular destination among tourists. The second largest of the islands is Ko Phi Phi Lee of which beaches are also well-known and popular among visitors. If you would also like to visit the amazing Phi Phi Islands, I suggest you to read the following article. It will contain useful information relating to the archipelago, especially Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Lee.

Ko Phi Phi Don

The largest island of the archipelago is also the only island with permanent inhabitants. Ko Phi Phi Don is dominated by the presence of limestone and presents outstanding beaches. The island is actually separated in two parts, being interconnected by a strand of land. This strand also houses the major part of the resorts of Ko Phi Phi Don. The island is extremely popular among tourists who come here from all around the world. It is accessible from the mainland or Phuket, by Ferry in both cases. There are numerous fantastic restaurants, cafes and shops on the island. It is surely a fantastic holiday destination.

Nui Bay, Ko Phi Phi Don ©

Ko Phi Phi Lee

Another gorgeous island of the archipelago is Ko Phi Phi Lee. Also known as Ko Phi Phi Ley, the island is a popular tourist destination. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and presents fantastic beaches and bays including Ao Pi Le, Ao Lo Sa Ma and Ao Maya. Immense limestone hills dominate the landscape which makes it even more attractive for visitors. There are outstanding diving sites on the island, such as Loh Samah, Palong Bay, the entrance to Maya Bay, Ko Bida Noi and so on.

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The islands which compose the Phi Phi Archipelago are very popular among tourists. There are gorgeous beaches and the waters are clear, perfect for swimming and diving in some spots. The landscapes are breathtaking and very attractive for visitors. Tourism on the islands has developed only recently. During the 90’s only adventurous tourists visited the islands. Today it is one of Krabi Province’s most popular destinations for visitors. Tourists who visit the Phi Phi Islands have the opportunity of practicing several fantastic activities, such as diving, kayaking, snorkeling and others.

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