Visit Thailand’s second largest island, Ko Chang

Ko Chang sunset,

Being the second largest island of Thailand, Ko Chang is a wonderful place to spend your holiday at. It is situated in the eastern part of the country. The island had become very popular among tourists in the last years. Ko Chang is considered one of the country’s most beautiful islands. It is also a great spot for diving and snorkeling. For nature-lovers it is the perfect place, as jungle hiking is one of the great activities practiced on the island. Ko Chang got its name after the elephants living here, as it means in Thai Elephant Island. There are also other wild animals living here. Visiting the island is the best choice for a fantastic holiday!


Natural beauty

As I mentioned it previously, Ko Chang is one of the country’s most beautiful islands. It is a paradise for every nature-lover. You will surely be amazed by the natural beauty of the island. First of all, the beaches are spectacular with white and soft sand. There are also wonderful waterfalls on the island. A National Marine Park includes a part of Ko Chang and 46 other smaller islands which are part of the Ko Chang archipelago. There is also a War memorial monument located on the south of the island. The waterfalls of Ko Chang are magnificent. The most popular is Klong Plu, but the most breathtaking is considered Klong Neung.

Klong Plu Waterfall, photo by zhaffsky/Flickr

Diving and other activities

The waters surrounding the island are great for diving. The underwater life is breathtaking, with numerous species of sea creatures: moray eels, large groupers, butterfly fishes, angel fishes, barracudas, parrotfishes and so on. There is also a diving school on the island which can be found in Bang Bao village. Jungle trekking is also a popular activity here. There are guided treks with guides who speak English fluently. If you love sea kayaking, the island is the right place for you. There are one-day or multi-day expeditions organized here. Other fantastic activities are Elephant treks, snorkeling, sailing and practicing yoga.

Ko Chang sunset,

Eat and drink

There are several restaurants in Ko Chang, most of which can be found on the beaches. In most of the restaurants Thai food is served. Rock Sand Restaurant, Nong Bua Seafood and Apple are just three of the island’s restaurants. Apple is perhaps the cheapest of all. It can be found in the middle of White Sand Beach. Thai and Italian food are served here. There are also good bars and cafés on Ko Chang. If you are on the island, make sure to try the Beer Chang.


As for the accommodation, there are numerous resorts and bungalows on Ko Chang. The major part of them are situated on the on the west side of Ko Chang. Starbeach Bungalows, KC Grande Resort, Kacha Resort and Spa are just some of them. The Kacha Resort and Spa is a fantastic resort. It offers hotel rooms, villas and bungalows at the same time. The resort also provides spectacular swimming pools situated on the beach.

Ko Chang bungalows,


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