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Chinese architectural example in Bangkok Chinatown arcibald/Flickr

Chinese architectural example in Bangkok Chinatown ©arcibald/Flickr

Chinatown is one of the most exciting areas of Bangkok. Its sights, smells and sounds make a real assault to the senses of tourists, so be prepared for this. If you are looking for a unique experience in Bangkok, don’t miss to visit this fantastic area! With beautiful temples, street food stalls, markets and interesting tourist attractions, Bangkok’s Chinatown drags numerous visitors. The best time to visit this area is around the time of the traditional Chinese New Year. It is celebrated usually in the first two weeks of February, according to the Lunar Calendar. Want to find out more about this fascinating area? Read my following guide, than visit Bangkok’s Chinatown!

Sampeng Lane

Sampeng Lane is actually a long and narrow street which intersects Chinatown. The street is famous for selling lots of different goods. Although Sampeng Lane is chaotic, it is lot of fun. When the Chinese community arrived to Bangkok, this street was the original high street of Chinatown. The street is so narrow in some parts that you could easily stretch out across the alley, grabbing something with both of your hands.

Chinese architectural example in Bangkok Chinatown arcibald/Flickr

Chinese architectural example in Bangkok Chinatown ©arcibald/Flickr

Wat Traimit and the world’s largest Gold Buddha

They consider that the largest Gold Buddha of the world is located in the temple of Wat Traimit. This isn’t true. But the large statue is highly revered. Besides, visitors can have excellent views of the nearby ornate Chinatown Gate from the top of Wat Traimit. The temple can be visited from 8:00 to 17:00. (November 2013)

Wat Chakrawat and the crocodiles

Wat Chakrawat is another excellent temple which can be visited in Chinatown. A very unusual sight inside the temple is a murky pond which houses three immense crocodiles. It is located behind the curved stupa of the temple. The legend says that these crocodiles kept eating young monks. Monks decided to trap them and house them here.

Old lady in Chinatown Pietro Motta/Flickr

Old lady in Chinatown ©Pietro Motta/Flickr


Yaowarat Road is the best place to buy gold. In case you are looking for great jewelry, I recommend you to visit Chinatown, more precisely this road. There are lots of gold shops all along this road. Besides, this road is also known for its great eateries along it. If you want to taste some delicious Thai-Chinese dishes, you must visit the Yaowarat Road. The street usually gets filled between 17:00 and 22:00.

Old Siam Plaza

Old Siam Plaza is actually housed in a fantastic Art Deco complex, located in the western edge of Bangkok’s Chinatown. It is a fun place which must be explored, especially if you love sweets. You’ll find here numerous stalls selling traditional Thai-Chinese sweets, considered to be some of the city’s tastiest.

Pearls for sale in Chinatown Pietro Motta/Flickr

Pearls for sale in Chinatown ©Pietro Motta/Flickr





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