Vegetarian travel in Thailand

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Being a vegetarian on the road is never an easy task, especially in countries where meat is such an integral part of the diet that you can’t find any proper vegetarian dishes at restaurants and you have to make do with side dishes and salads. Not only it is annoying to eat the same dishes all the time, but as a vegetarian you tend to miss out on the culinary part of the whole travel experience. But that’s fortunately not the case in Thailand, where meat does make an appearance in many dishes, but where the variety of vegetarian food is enough to make a vegetarian traveler jump up in joy. Vegetarian travel in Thailand does take a bit of effort, but it is nowhere near impossible. Here are some tips for vegetarian restaurants in Thailand.

Khun Churn, Chiang Mai

Khun Churn is a great little restaurants for those who really wish they could try some Thai classics that are unfortunately made with meat. Khun Churn offers vegetarian versions of popular Thai dishes, and in addition to that it is also conveniently cheap. For about $5 you can get a large serving of the menu of your choice. You might not be able to taste all the nice street food in Chiang Mai, but you can compensate with the mouth watering treats at Khun Churn.

Saras, Sukhumvit Soi, Bangkok

photo by Stephan Mosel

Saras is does not specialize only in Thai dishes, but you get to choose from a huge menu of vegan and vegetarian dishes inspired by Indian and Western cuisine. The over two hundred items on the menu, there are plenty of Thai dishes for those who are longing for an authentic Thai foodie experience.

Healthy Pan, Soi Watchannai, Bangkok

Bangkok is a den of temptation for vegetarians who find themselves surrounding by the enticing aromas of street food at every corner. It’s easier to deal with the flood of lovely dishes you can’t eat by having your fill of Chinese and Thai vegetarian food at the Healthy Pan, which uses soy and other vegetarian meat replacements to recreate all sorts of delicious dishes.

King Liew, Takuapa Road, Phuket

photo by Jason Anfinsen

If you can’t make it to Phuket in time for the nine day long Vegetarian Festival in September/October, don’t give in to despair, because there are more than enough vegetarian restaurants that are open all year round. King Liew is owned by a vegan chef who filled the restaurant’s menu with all sorts of imaginative and delicious Thai dishes, sandwiches and salads, than can be made to order or bought pre-packaged.

Lamai Veggie, Lamai Beach, Koh Samui

Lamai Veggie is a paradise for vegans – all of the dishes on the menu are free of animal products, and they are as delicious as you are ever likely to find. In addition to the made to order dishes, there is a buffet and packaged food too.

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