Traveling to the Southern Gulf Coast

Pattani Mosque TRAVEL & TOUR links/Flickr

Pattani Mosque ©TRAVEL & TOUR links/Flickr

The region of the Southern Gulf Coast is situated (as its name suggests it) in the southern part of Thailand. The area includes numerous destinations which are quite popular among tourists, including the city of Pattani which used to be the ancient capital of the kingdom, the city of Songkhla with its great beaches, the city of Hat Yai, the fishing town of Narathiwat which also has fine beaches and so on. Traveling to the Southern Gulf Coast is with no doubt a good choice. In case you choose this region as your holiday destination, I suggest you to read the following guide before traveling. It will surely help you with some useful information.


The ancient Patani Kingdom’s capital, the city of Pattani is one of the best tourist destinations of the Southern Gulf Coast. The city is famous for its cultural diversity, being home to Thai, Chinese and Malay people at the same time. It is reflected in the religious sites, too, as the city is home to mosques, besides the Buddhist temples. Some of the major religious sites are the following: Wat Saikow, Wat Changhai, Wat Si Mahapo and Matsayit Klang.

Not only the city is attractive for visitors, but its surrounding area, too. There are numerous natural attractions in Pattani’s surroundings, including beautiful waterfalls and gorgeous beaches. Pattani hosts several festivals, too which attract numerous visitors yearly.

Pattani Mosque TRAVEL & TOUR links/Flickr

Pattani Mosque ©TRAVEL & TOUR links/Flickr


The city of Songkhla is a significant harbor and a beautiful fishing town in Thailand. It is home to numerous things to see, not to mention its fine beaches. Some beautiful Buddhist temples, the Songkhla Zoo, the National Museum and the Phathammarong Museum are just some of the best attractions of the city. Its surrounding area is also abundant in visitor attractions, including Songkhla Lake, the Namtok Boriphat Forestry Park and its excellent beaches.

View over Songkhla Enginati/Flickr

View over Songkhla ©Enginati/Flickr

Hat Yai

The city of Hat Yai is considered the southern part’s largest city. It is very popular among tourists, especially among Malaysians. Hat Yai is famous for being home to one of the largest reclining Buddha statues in the world. It is also home to numerous cultural sights, including the observatory, the Ice Dome, Wat Mahanya Vidaya and others. The city hosts several annual festivals, including the Loi Krathong and the Hat Yai Midnight Songkran.

Hat Yai market ephidryn/Flickr

Hat Yai market ©ephidryn/Flickr


Narathiwat attracts its visitors with the beautiful beaches of it. Ao Manao is one of these, including the astonishing Khao Tanyong National Park. A great thing about the beaches is that they aren’t crowded. So if you are looking for peaceful atmosphere and relaxation, I suggest you to choose Narathiwat as your destination.


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