Tourist guide to Patong Beach

Patong Beach Jason Bagley/Flickr

Patong Beach ©Jason Bagley/Flickr

The astonishing Patong resort is considered the most popular beach resort on the largest island of Thailand – Phuket. With its gorgeous sandy beaches, large variety of outdoor activities and vivid nightlife, this resort is a perfect place to any holiday maker. The town of Patong includes hundreds of beer bars, restaurants GoGo Bars and discos which attract thousands of young tourists yearly. For honeymooners the main highlight is the pristine beach.

As you can see, Patong has something to offer to everyone. So, if you decide to visit the resort, you will surely have an unforgettable holiday. In case you would like to know more about the area, read the following tourist guide to Patong Beach.

Patong beach

First of all, the best time of the year to visit Patong is November to April, but if the larger waves don’t bother you, you can make a visit in the following months, too. The beach is golden sandy and it is about 2 km long. The waters are warm and clear. In case you love to lie on sunbeds, I have good news for you: there are plenty on Patong Beach. A set includes two sunbeds, an umbrella and a table and costs 200 baht/day.

Be prepared for tourists crowds, especially during the peak season, because it is the most popular resort on the island.

Patong Beach Jason Bagley/Flickr

Patong Beach ©Jason Bagley/Flickr


As for the water sports which can be practiced here, parasailing and jet skiing are the most popular ones. Wakeboarding, windsurfind, kayaking and waterskiing are also available. You can even go snorkeling at the northern end of the beach. Other great outdoor activities at and around the beach are: playing volleyball, elephant trekking, taking Thai cooking lessons, batik painting classes, go-karting, Thai massage and others.

Patong Beach by night williamcho/Flickr

Patong Beach by night ©williamcho/Flickr


As Patong is Phuket’s most developed area in terms of tourism, it offers excellent accommodation options. There are dozens of excellent hotels, villas and resorts in Patong which offer fantastic facilities and services to their guests. Some of the best hotels and resorts of Patong are: Patong Merlin Hotel, Merlin Beach Resort, Yk Patong Resort, Holiday Inn Resort Phuket, Sea Pearl Villas Resort and so on.


The resort is considered to include the largest number of restaurants on Phuket. As Patong welcomes tourists from all over the world, it is obvious that it offers a great diversity of restaurants. From fast food and budget to mid-range and luxurious, you will find every type of restaurants here.

Patong Beach sunbeds Sukanto Debnath/Flickr

Patong Beach sunbeds ©Sukanto Debnath/Flickr


Every evening the resort turns into a vibrant night bazaar, so if you would like to return home with some great souvenirs and gifts, you can buy them by the evening. Besides, there are several shops in Patong. From silk scarves to different handicrafts, from leather goods to cloths, you will find everything here. It all depends on your budget.

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