Tourist guide to Khao Lak

Khao Lak Beach karaian/Flickr

Khao Lak Beach ©karaian/Flickr

Located in the Phang Nga Province, Khao Lak which literally means Lak Mountain, is a group of villages. Khao Lak has recently become a tourist-oriented area. There are several gorgeous beaches here which are very attractive for tourists. Although the beaches drag numerous tourists, the area isn’t as crowded as Phuket or other famous resorts.

All the beaches of Khao Lak are westerly facing, being characterized by amazing beauty. The hotels are majorly located on the beaches, being ideal for couples, honeymooners and families at the same time. Nightlife is also attractive and there are numerous things to do here, too. If you are interested in visiting the area, I recommend you to read this tourist guide to Khao Lak before traveling. 


As I already mentioned it, the beaches of Khao Lak are perfect, dragging numerous tourists. All the beaches are westerly facing, being characterized by virgin beauty. The fact that they are not crowded at all, give more attractiveness to the region.

Khao Lak Beach is perhaps the most beautiful, being characterized by varying sand quality and an interesting flora. Nang Thong is the perfect beach for a sunset stroll, ensuring good snorkeling spots. Great water sports can be practiced on the Pakweeb Beach which also offers excellent resorts. Bang Niang Beach is also ideal for snorkeling.  

Khao Lak Beach karaian/Flickr

Khao Lak Beach ©karaian/Flickr

Things to do

Besides lying on the sunny beaches, tourists can also practice other outdoor activities. In case you are a fan of snorkeling and scuba diving, you will surely stay near the coastline, but you can also opt for amazing tours.

Khao Lak is surrounded by numerous wonderful protected areas which can be visited by guided tours. You can ride on the back of an elephant, crossing the jungle. Besides, you can visit an elephant camp and a fishery, too. If you prefer water sports, you can opt for a great sea canoeing.

Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak Kullez/Flickr

Nang Thong Beach, Khao Lak ©Kullez/Flickr


Although Khao Lak’s nightlife might not be comparable with Pattaya or Phuket’s nightlife, it is still great. Things are quieter here, the area being characterized by the pub with live music here and there. If you would like to visit the best spots here, you should visit perhaps the Red Snapper bar or the Kuk Kak club in Le Meridien where you can also dance.


As I already mentioned it, most hotels and resort are located on the beachfront. There are lots of excellent accommodation options to choose of. Le Meridien Khao Lak, Ramada Resort, Khaolak Laguna Resort and JW Marriott Khao Lak are just some of the best resorts of the area.

Le Meridien hotel room TravelingOtter/Flickr

Le Meridien hotel room ©TravelingOtter/Flickr

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