Tourist guide to Chiang Mai

Panda at Chiang Mai Zoo xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Panda at Chiang Mai Zoo ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Chiang Mai is the most important tourist centre and largest city in Northern Thailand. It is a magnificent destination, attracting every type of traveler. There are dozens of things to see and to do in this amazing city, including Buddhist temples, the ruined ancient city walls, museums, parks and open spaces, Chiang Mai Zoo, elephant parks and so on. The “Rose of the North” is with no doubt a worth visiting city, being one of Thailand’s top destinations. In case you would like to make yourself an unforgettable experience, I recommend you to make a visit to Northern Thailand, more precisely to Chiang Mai. Before traveling I suggest you to read this tourist guide to Chiang Mai.


The city of Chiang Mai lies on a plain, at an elevation of about 316 m, being surrounded by lush countryside and gorgeous mountains. Therefore it is much greener and quieter than the capital city. It is easy to get to the city, as it has its own airport named Chiang Mai International Airport.

The city also has a bus station, including three terminals, so you also use this means of transportation to get there, for instance from Bangkok. There are daily buses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Besides, the city also has a large train station.

Sitting Buhhda in temple, Chiang Mai Christian Haugen/Flickr

Sitting Buhhda in temple, Chiang Mai ©Christian Haugen/Flickr

Tourist attractions

As I already mentioned it, there are lots of things to see in Chiang Mai, including Buddhist temples, ruined city walls, museums and open spaces. Among the most significant tourist attractions of the city are the following: Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, Wat Chedi Luang, the famous Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium, Chiang Mai National Museum, Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Centre, the beautiful Dokmai Garden, Baanchang Elephant Park and so on.

Besides, there are lots of things to do, like watching Muay Thai matches, attending cinemas, visiting galleries and exhibitions, practicing different sports and so on.

Panda at Chiang Mai Zoo xiquinhosilva/Flickr

Panda at Chiang Mai Zoo ©xiquinhosilva/Flickr


Accommodation in the city is generally cheap, even if we compare prices with other Thai cities. All types of accommodation options are available: from cheap guesthouses to high rise hotels and luxurious garden resorts, Chiang Mai has something to offer for every type of tourist. The latest trend is Thai boutique resorts which are located near the old city centre.

Chiang Mai Cemetery Christian Haugen/Flickr

Chiang Mai Cemetery ©Christian Haugen/Flickr


There are innumerable restaurants, markets, different eateries and fast food stalls in Chiang Mai. The restaurants offer a large variety of food specialties, making the city the perfect place to taste the Northern Thai food. Besides Thai restaurants, you will find Japanese, Korean, Italian and vegetarian restaurants in Chiang Mai, too.





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