Top things to do in Ko Chang

Ko Chang Daviddje/Flickr

Ko Chang ©Daviddje/Flickr

As the second biggest island of Thailand, the magnificent Ko Chang is a very popular tourist destination. It drags dozens of visitors each year due to its gorgeous beaches and great outdoor activities. This tropical paradise has been blessed with an incomparable environment. With beautiful waterfalls, a rich marine life and lush tropical vegetation, the island is very attractive.

Besides, Ko Chang offers a large variety of activities, such as scuba diving or elephant trekking. If you are planning to spend your next vacation on Ko Chang and you don’t want to only lie on the beaches, but practice some activities, I recommend you to read the following guide. Below I will give you some info relating to the top things to do in Ko Chang.

Scuba diving

As the island is surrounded by crystalline waters abundant in marine life, it is obvious that scuba diving is one of the top things to do in Ko Chang. Some of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and most exotic marine life exist in the waters surrounding Ko Chang. The most famous dive site on the island is considered to be Bang Boa. Boats to this dive site can be taken from most beaches.

Ko Chang Daviddje/Flickr

Ko Chang ©Daviddje/Flickr

Elephant trekking

Elephant trekking is popular all around Thailand. Ko Chang makes no exception. The island offers two planned routes. One takes the visitors through a rubber plantation and a pomelo orchard. The second one is longer and takes you through a valley, leading up to the Nag Yom Waterfall where you can even bathe the elephants.


As the island is famous for its beautiful sceneries, trekking is a popular activity for the active tourists. If you would like to admire the island’s virgin rainforest, tropical wildlife, waterfalls and water reserves, I recommend you to take a trekking tour.

Ko Chang sunset n.hewson/Flickr

Ko Chang sunset ©n.hewson/Flickr


There are organized different excursions from Ko Chang. If you want to have a day full of fun, visit Ko Chang’s surrounding islands by booking an excursion. The excursions begin early in the morning and offer a day filled with adventure on one of relatively uninhibited islands.


There are excellent resorts on the island of which many offer spa facilities and services. The ancient art of massage and aromatherapy have become essential part of Thai lifestyle. Tourists just love the Thai spa services.

Boat trips

There are accessible both privately planned boat trips and group boating tours. These are actually equivalent with the excursions organized to the surrounding islands of Ko Chang. If you love to boat, you will surely enjoy the great views from the sea.

Ko Chang beach Travelling Runes/Flickr

Ko Chang beach ©Travelling Runes/Flickr

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