Top festivals in Thailand in 2014

Hua Hin Jazz Festival chrisada/Flickr

Hua Hin Jazz Festival ©chrisada/Flickr

With no doubt one of the most exciting tourist destinations of Asia is the “land of smiles”, the amazing country of Thailand. This gorgeous country is home to some of the world’s most fascinating attractions and destinations. It is also famous for its unique culture, great food, for the Thai massage and not only. Thailand is attractive for its great festivals and events, too.

There are held numerous fantastic events all over the country. If you are planning a visit to Thailand this year and you are attracted by festivals, read the following guide! Below I will present you the top festivals of Thailand in 2014, including the following: the Songkran Festival, the Hua Hin Jazz Festival, the Illuminated Boat Procession, Loy Krathong and His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Birthday.

Songkran Festival – April

The most famous yearly festival in Thailand is the fantastic Songkran Festival. Held every April, it attracts large number of visitors. It lasts for three days and it is dedicated to water. The whole country is literally awash during the festival. Thais use water to bless their families, as Songkran is actually the Thai New Year. Get into the fun – buy a water pistol and “fight”!

Songkran Festival Wyndham/Flickr

Songkran Festival ©Wyndham/Flickr

Hua Hin Jazz Festival – June

Another extremely popular festival of Thailand is held annually at Hua Hin. It is the famous Hua Hin Jazz Festival, dedicated to jazz music. Welcoming Jazz musicians from all over the world, the festival is very attractive among visitors. The three-day festival occurs in June and drags thousands or even millions of visitors.

Hua Hin Jazz Festival chrisada/Flickr

Hua Hin Jazz Festival ©chrisada/Flickr

The Illuminated Boat Procession – September or October

The Illuminated Boat Procession is a very attractive and famous event of Thailand. It occurs every September or October in Nakhon Pahnom. The event marks the end of Buddhist Lent. It is considered one of the most beautiful Thai festivals, presenting decorate boats with lights, candles, fireworks and flowers. The festival also involves cultural events, dance performances, parades and lots of food.

Loy Krathong – November

The second most famous Thai festival is the Loy Krathong. It is held all over the country, occurring every November. The highlights of this festival are also decorated boats. Krathongs (little boats) are set afloat on water. They are lovely. The best places for celebrating Loy Krathong are Bangkok and Sukhothai.

Loy Krathong smagdali/Flickr

Loy Krathong ©smagdali/Flickr

His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Birthday – December

One of the top events of Thailand is the festival named His Majesty the King of Thailand’s Birthday. It occurs in December and as its name suggests it, the event celebrates the birthday of Thai King. The Grand Palace in Bangkok is one of the nicest places to celebrate the event. Thousands of people join together to celebrate with good music, food, candle light and alms ceremony.


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