Top attractions of Lamphun Province

Golden Chedi, Wat Phra That Haripunchai, photo by Anandajoti/Flickr

Lamphun Province is situated in Northern Thailand. It is bordered by Lampang, Chiang Mai and Tak provinces. The province is of a spectacular natural beauty, being situated in the valley of the Ping River and surrounded by gorgeous mountain chains. The historic name of the city of Lamphun is Haripunchai and the main symbol of it is Wat Phra That Haripunchai. Besides this fantastic temple, there are numerous other temples and attractions in the province of Lamphun. There is also a national museum and different beautiful statues here, not to mention the fantastic local products and its great festivals.



The major part of the cultural attractions of the province is the spectacular Buddhist temples. There are numerous beautiful temples in Lamphun of which the best-known is the Wat Phra That Haripunchai temple. This is also the main symbol of Lamphun. The main highlight of Wat Phra That Haripunchai is the spectacular golden Chedi which is about 45 m tall. There are also two magnificent sculptured lions at the entrance door and a richly decorated ancient brick arch which are very attractive to visitors. Other temples of which many are very old structures, are the following: Wat Ku Kut, Wat Phra Phutthabat Tak Pha, Ban Hong which includes many old temples, Wat Mahawan, Wat Phra Yuen and so on. Wat Phra Bat Huai Tom is the biggest temple in the province and is home to a magnificent huge Lanna-style Chedi. The Haripunchai National Museum includes fantastic exhibitions relating to the history of the province. As for the natural attractions of the province, there is a fantastic cave here, named Tham Luang Pha Wiang. It contains beautiful stalactites. There is also a national park in Lamphun, named Mae Ping National Park. Its main highlight is the Ping River. Besides the river, there are also beautiful waterfalls in the park.

Golden Chedi, Wat Phra That Haripunchai, photo by Anandajoti/Flickr

Local products

A great thing about Lamphun is that there are some gorgeous local products on offer here. If you would like to return from your holiday with some fantastic souvenirs, Lamphun is the right destination for you! There are outstanding hand-made fabrics, wood-carvings and woven materials on offer here. The traditional cotton fabrics are very popular among visitors. These are usually used for producing drapes, table-cloths and others. Being hand-made products, the tourists love them for being unique and spectacular. The usual wood-carvings are animal figures, different utensils, dolls and some magnificent decorative items. These will surely make a fantastic souvenir! The local woven material is called The Pha Mai Yok Dok. This type of silk was originally used in the royal court and later became very popular. If you love silk, this material will surely be the perfect choice!

Thai fabrics, photo by shaire productions/Flickr

Events and festivals

Lamphun is the home for several great festivals, too. The best-known event in the province is called the Song Nam Phra That Hariphunchai. It occurs in May and is dedicated to the main symbol of Lamphun, Wat Phra That Haripunchai. The Longan Fair is another great festival which is takes place in every August. It is dedicated to the longan fruit. There is a spectacular parade during this event called the Longan Parade and different contests are organized.

Longan fruit,


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