Top 5 things to do in Phuket

Phang Nga Bay, photo by jeffgunn/Flickr

Do you want to have a unique experience and a wonderful holiday? I recommend you to choose Thailand as your destination! There are so many attractions and things to do in this wonderful country that you won’t be able to choose your destination. Let me help you: visit Phuket. Besides the numerous spectacular attractions of the island, there are dozens of things to do for your entertainment. Whether you choose to lie on the gorgeous beaches, visit the magnificent temples and Buddha statues or enjoy its vibrant nightlife, I guarantee you will be satisfied. Phuket is a perfect destination for families, couples and party people at the same time! It offers numerous activities suiting everyone’s preference. Below, there will be presented the top 5 things you can do in Phuket.


Relax on Phang Nga Bay’s beaches

Phang Nga Bay is uniquely beautiful. The presence of limestone karsts makes the landscape breathtaking. It is very popular among tourists, thus the beaches are very crowded. If you can handle it, you will have part of an unforgettable holiday. These beaches are perfect for the lovers of 3S, the sun, sand and sea. The water is clear and warm and the sand is soft and white. Besides relaxing, swimming and sunbathing, there are numerous activities which can be practiced here, such as cruising, sea-kayaking, snorkeling and so on. It is a great day out for the whole family, but it is also perfect for couples, the scenery being very romantic.

Phang Nga Bay, photo by jeffgunn/Flickr

Visit Wat Chalong

Buddhist temples are beloved tourist attractions. There are 29 temples on the island of Phuket. Wat Chalong is probably the best-known Buddhist temple in Phuket. The temple is breathtaking with gorgeous statues. Perhaps the major feature of the temple is the Grand Pagoda. It is richly decorated with Buddha images and paintings. Don’t forget that temples are the most sacred places for Thai people. Pay attention to your clothes and get your shoes off before you enter the temple.

Wat Chalong temple, photo by Nicolas Lannuzel/Flickr

Enjoy Bangla Road’s nightlife

It is the best-known nightlife spot in Phuket, being located on Patong Beach. There are several popular nightclubs, go-go bars and beer bars on Bangla Road. There are also discos, pubs, restaurants and shops in the area. Some of the clubs which can be found here are: Soi Katoey, Soi Eric, Soi Gonzo, Soi Tiger, Soi Lion and so on. Most of the bars are outdoor bars. If you are a party-lover, Phuket and especially Bangla Road is the right choice for you!

Watch a Thai boxing show

Thai boxing or Muay Thai is a very popular sport in Thailand. There are numerous spectators attending boxing shows. The three-minutes rounds are very exciting. People shout and cheer, so if you don’t like noisy places and violence, you should avoid this. Patong Beach is home to boxing stadiums which are very popular among tourists. These can be found on Soi Sai Namyen. It is a great entertainment, especially for men.

Go to Phuket FantaSea

The biggest show of Phuket, FantaSea is simply spectacular. It is a perfect opportunity of entertainment for families. There are live animal shows here, trapeze artists, games and so on. Restaurants, bars and shopping spots can be also found here. Attractive features of FantaSea are: the Palace of the Elephants Theatre, the Tiger Jungle Adventure, the Fantasy of a Kingdom Show, the Carnival Village Shopping Street, the Similan Entertainment Centre and so on. It is surely a unique experience.

FantaSea, photo by coolinsights/Flickr

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