Top 5 Thai experiences

Tom Yum stu_spivack/Flickr

Tom Yum ©stu_spivack/Flickr

Thailand is a land of unique experiences. Thai food is world renowned, just like the beautiful Buddhist temples of the country, not to mention its premier tourist destination – Bangkok or its sunny islands surrounded by limestone cliffs. Visiting the major attractions, eating traditional Thai food, going for a Thai massage, exploring a floating market, attending a full moon party and watching a show at Phuket FantaSea are the top 5 Thai experiences. In case you’ve never been to Thailand, thinking about to make a visit to this fantastic country, I recommend you to read the following guide before traveling. This way you’ll find out which are the must-do things in Thailand.

Eat a traditional Tom Yum

Thai food is world renowned. You can not miss to taste at least one traditional dish when you are in Thailand and I am absolutely sure you wouldn’t. Tom Yum is one of the most popular Thai dishes. It is actually a delicious and sour-spicy soup made of mushrooms, lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, shallots, chili, fish sauce and fresh prawns. Go to a restaurant and order one! You won’t regret it.

Tom Yum stu_spivack/Flickr

Tom Yum ©stu_spivack/Flickr

Go for a Thai massage

One specific type of massage, Thai massage is widely used in the country’s spa centers, massage centers and hotels. And not only… Thai massage is world renowned, being extremely popular in almost every country. If you visit Thailand, you can not miss to go for a Thai massage. You will surely feel better after it. The massage has both physical and mental benefits. Don’t miss it!

Classical Thai massage Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Classical Thai massage ©Tara Angkor Hotel/Flickr

Explore a floating market

Floating markets make some of the most unique tourist attractions of Thailand. A Thai market is a fantastic place to get in touch with local culture. A floating market is an even bigger experience. There are several floating markets in the country, with the best ones in Bangkok. Damnoen Floating Market is the most popular one. Although it’s located outside of Bangkok, it’s a not-to-miss.

Bangkok floating market coolinsights/Flickr

Bangkok floating market ©coolinsights/Flickr

Attend a full moon party

Thai people love the festivals. They also love to party, especially young people. The full moon parties are among the most popular parties in Thailand. Ko Phangan is the most popular place for enjoying a full moon party. The parties take place here every month. Dance on the festive beaches and enjoy the colorful fiesta.

Watch a show at Phuket FantaSea

There are several shows performed all around Thailand. One of the most famous is the Phuket FantaSea show. With impressive stage sceneries, acting animals, brilliant colors and costumed dancers, this show makes one of the most famous entertainment option in Thailand.




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