Top 5 movie theaters in Thailand

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Films from Hollywood, and even some big budget European films are the stuff you find on any cinema’s schedule. If you feel like watching a movie when you’re traveling in some foreign country, it’s never difficult to find a place that screes the latest Hollywood blockbuster. But if you are visiting a place whose language, culture and cinema are radically different from your own, then going to the movie theater and watching a domestic production is a really interesting experience. Thai movies are getting more and more international attention nowadays, but going into a movie theater and picking a Thai movie at random is something that you can only do in Thailand. So if you feel like broadening your Thai film culture, here are the top 5 movie theaters in Thailand.

Central Ladprao, Bangkok

Bangkok has its fair share of cinemas, some of the so luxurious that you have to be a VIP in order to get in. But if you’re just a regular person, you still get to enjoy first class service. Central Ladprao is one of the nicest cinemas in Bangkok, run by the SFX Cinemas group, which has excellent movie theaters all around Thailand. The nine screens of the movie theater screen Hollywood films, and a generous selection of Thai, Korean and Japanese films. The ticket costs only $3-4, and you get a free fridge magnet of the movie you’re watching too!

Major Cineplex, Pattaya

SFX cinema, photo by qcom on Flickr

Pattaya is one of the hottest nightlife and beach destinations in Thailand, but if you feel like doing something other than partying or lounging on the beach, you can take advantage of the city’s many great cinemas. One of the top 5 movie theaters in Thailand is located in Pattaya: Major Cineplex. The cinema has seven screens and shows various English language films, as well as Thai and other Asian movies.

Vista Kad Suan Kaew, Chiang Mai

Vista Cinemas has several venues in Chiang Mai, but the movie theater located in Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center is one of the best, and has great facilities. Vista cinemas are as likely to show international releases as the newest Thai hits, and you can find Thai movies with subtitles if you don’t speak the language. After a shopping bout in Kad Suan Kaew, you can wind down at the cinema with a good film.

SFX Coliseum, Central Festival, Phuket City

Central Festival Phuket is one of the most popular shopping venues in Phuket, and it is also home to the first world-class cinema on the island. SFX has top notch digital sound systems and huge screens, and regular as well as VIP seats. For the ultimate luxury movie watching experience, you can try the separate first class theater where you can sit in extra comfy seats and get complimentary drinks and snacks.

World Max Screen, CentralWorld, Bangkok

World Max Screen is part of the SF movie theater chain, which prides itself on offering personalized services for every type of customer. The World Max Screen cinema located in the CentralWorld shopping complex has 900 seats and one of the largest screens in Asia.

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