Top 5 cake shops in Bangkok

Icecream cake, Bangkok Keng Susumpow/Flickr

Icecream cake, Bangkok ©Keng Susumpow/Flickr

Thailand is famous for its unique cuisine. Thai foods are world renowned. The unique spices give the dishes incomparable tastes. Thai sweets are also very famous. These delicacies are characterized by an extreme sweetness and strong spices. Thai desserts are also named “khanom”. They are mainly simple, including the following ingredients: rice flour, coconut cream, coconut sugar or palm sugar. Most of the ingredients can be found in any Thai market, but you can taste them in cake shops, too. Bangkok for instance is home to some of the country’s best cake shops. If you visit the city, don’t miss to eat a great dessert at one of the top 5 cake shops of Bangkok.

After You Dessert Café

If you want to taste some of the city’s best cakes, make a visit to the After You Dessert Café. It is very popular among locals, serving delicious cakes, including the fantastic shibuya honey toast. It is located in Thong Lor and is very attractive for families. There is no table service, but this is the only disadvantage of the place. The beautifully decorated desserts are so delicious that you will have to queue twice.

Icecream cake, Bangkok Keng Susumpow/Flickr

Icecream cake, Bangkok ©Keng Susumpow/Flickr

Let Them Eat Cake Shop

Located on Sukhumvit Road, the great Let Them Eat Cake Shop is a must for the lovers of desserts. All the cakes are mouthwatering. You will surely love this French patisserie. Both French and Thai cakes are served here. The cakes are made using only high quality ingredients. So be prepared for quite high prices. It is open daily from 10:00 until 23:00 or even 24:00. (December 2013)

Coffee Bean by Dao

From delicious cheesecakes to doughnuts, the Coffee Bean by Dao offers a large selection of cakes. It is a cake and coffee shop serves about 70 varieties of cakes, some of the most delicious in the city. There are numerous Thai delicacies on the menu. Try out for instance the green tea fresh cream cake. It’s undoubtedly a not-to-miss. It is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. (December 2013)

Panda cake kudumomo/Flickr

Panda cake ©kudumomo/Flickr

The Chocolate Tales

Serving a variety of delicious cakes, especially chocolate cakes, the Chocolate Tales is with no doubt one of the top 5 cake shops of Bangkok. The cake shop offers a friendly atmosphere. The quality and flavors of the cakes here are far superior to anything you can bake at home. If you love chocolate and chocolate cakes, don’t miss this fantastic cake shop.

Chocolate cake stu_spivack/Flickr

Chocolate cake ©stu_spivack/Flickr

Mr Jones Orphanage Cake Shop

Mr Jones Orphanage Cake Shop is another excellent place to go if you are looking for great sweets. You’ll find here some of Bangkok’s most delicious cakes. Looking fabulous, these are very attractive for the guests. Cookies, cakes and milkshakes can all be found here. Cakes are also available to take away. Be prepared for the place getting busy on the weekends.





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