Top 5 beach resorts in Thailand

Ko Samet mklapper/Flickr

Ko Samet ©mklapper/Flickr

Thailand is an extremely popular tourist destination when it comes to beach holidays. With pristine islands, exotic beaches, fantastic dive sites and a large variety of outdoor activities, the Thai beaches are worldwide famous and drag innumerable tourists each year. As for the accommodation (which is also an important part of the holiday), the beach resorts and hotels are also excellent.

In some of the previous articles I have already presented you numerous beautiful islands and beaches of Thailand. Below I will give you some useful information relating to the top 5 beach resorts in Thailand. If you are dreaming of a perfect beach holiday, I suggest you to choose Thailand as your destination. You won’t regret it!

Relax Bay in Ko Lanta

Located in the southern part of the town of Krabi, the island of Ko Lanta is an extremely popular and beautiful destination in the country. It is famous for its pristine beaches and excellent dive sites.

One of its best beaches, Relax Bay is home to a fantastic resort which wears the same name. It consists of numerous fantastic beachside bungalows and several huge tents. The atmosphere is peaceful and the service is friendly. The prices of the rooms vary depending on season, between £19 and £98. (July 2013)

Ko Lanta mattmangum/Flickr

Ko Lanta ©mattmangum/Flickr

Sai Thong Resort in Ko Tao

Undoubtedly one of the most scenic beachside settings goes to the Sai Thong Resort in Ko Tao. It can be found on the Sai Nuan beach of the island. Ko Tao is primarily famous for its excellent dive sites, more precisely the abundance of coral reefs and underwater life in the shallow waters. The tiny bungalows all have private bathrooms, balconies and hammocks. The prices vary between 500 and 2.500 baht depending on season. (July 2013)

Ko Tao victoriapeckham/Flickr

Ko Tao ©victoriapeckham/Flickr

The Mangrove in Ko Chang

On one of Ko Chang Archipelago’s islands can be found the wonderful resort named the Mangrove. The fantastic bungalows overlook the sea and offer lovely furnishing, outdoor bathrooms and lots of hammocks. If you prefer peaceful atmosphere and pristine beauty, one of these bungalows can be the best choice for you. The prices start from £17. (July 2013)  

The Tarutao National Park Bungalows

One of the islands of the wonderful Tarutao National Park, Ko Lipe is a popular tourist destination. The fantastic bungalows are eco-friendly, as they are situated in a national park. These bungalows are dedicated for nature-lovers and adventurers as there is no warm water and there is just minimal electricity. Thus you can feel yourself closer to nature. The prices start from £11. (July 2013)

Nimmanoradee Resort in Ko Samet

The beaches on Ko Samet are breathtaking and drag innumerable visitors every year. If you need some privacy, go towards the southern tip of the island where you will find the fantastic Nimmanoradee Resort. With cute huts, the resort is an excellent choice for everyone. All the rooms are comfortable and well equipped. The prices start from £58. (July 2013)

Ko Samet mklapper/Flickr

Ko Samet ©mklapper/Flickr

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