Top 3 things you should avoid in Thailand

Statue presenting traditional Thai greeting, photo by MadeByMark/Flickr

When you are going on holiday in a distant country like Thailand, it is recommended to find out as many things as you can about the culture of the respective country. As a tourist, you will have to pay attention to the etiquette which is very different from the European in many cases. Let’s see Thai etiquette! Thai people are very conservative. They consider their value system very strong and give big importance to it. Thai people are also very proud of the cultural heritage of the country. Thus, it is highly recommended for tourists to speak respectfully about Thai buildings, monuments, temples and cities. They respect the royal family and it is also forbidden to criticize the king. Read on to find out which are the top 3 things you should avoid in Thailand.

Criticizing the Monarch

Thai people respect and almost adore their king and the entire royal family. If you go to Thailand, this is important information for you. Criticizing the Monarch is forbidden. If you speak disrespectful about the royal family, it is not just impolite, they consider it a crime. Being the head of the state, the King of Thailand is a truly respected person, not like in other countries where people are dissatisfied and criticize the political system in public. If you want to avoid embarrassment and committing a crime, don’t speak about the Thai Monarch in public.

The King of Thailand, photo by SeaDave/Flickr

Dressing up incorrectly

As the Thai people are very conservative, you should pay attention to your dressing style. First of all, never reveal your attire. Topless sunbathing is also forbidden. If you wouldn’t like to get embarrassed or get argued by a Thai people, wear swimsuit on the beaches. If you visit a temple, it is recommended to wear long skirts or trousers. Do never wear shoes when you enter a temple or a private house. They consider it impolite. Leave you shoes outside! It is also important not to place socks or trousers in a higher position as usual.

Yelling or pointing your feet

Thailand is the land of smiles. If you get angry or start yelling, Thai people will surely look at you strange and will consider it impolite and embarrassing. Whether Thais are happy, embarrassed or angry, they always smile. Do the dame thing even if you are upset to avoid embarrassment. Body language is also very important in Thailand. Thais give different significance to different parts of the body. For example, do not point you feet especially when you stand in front of a Buddha statue! The explanation is they consider feet dirty. The head is the most sacred bodily part. It is not recommended to touch anyone’s head. They will consider it impolite. Greeting is also different by the usual handshaking. Thais join their hands and raise them towards their faces. Do the same to give them respect!

Statue presenting traditional Thai greeting, photo by MadeByMark/Flickr


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