Top 10 attractions of Pattani Province

Pattani Central Mosque ©

The beautiful province of Pattani can be found in Southern Thailand, in the Gulf of Thailand. It is a quite small, but wonderful province, full of natural and cultural attractions.

The natural heritage of the province is represented by hills, mountains, national- and natural parks, amazing wildlife, waterfalls and so on. As for the cultural heritage, there are numerous mosques, shrines, towns and so on. Besides, there are fantastic festivals and great local products which would surely make good souvenirs. If you would like to find out more about the province, read on. In the following article I will present you the top 10 attractions of Pattani Province.

Budo – Su-ngai Padi National Park

The amazing national park is situated almost entirely in the Narathiwat Province, but a smaller part of it belongs to Pattani. The highlights of the park are the spectacular “Golden Leaves”. The tree has large, soft and golden leaves. As for the animals, there are different species living here, such as tapirs, gibbons, rhinos, langurs and so on. The most significant specie is the cute Dusky leaf monkey.

Langur ©Lip Kee/Flickr

Pattani Central Mosque

In a town where the predominant population is Thai-Muslim the presence of a great mosque is obvious. The mosque is considered the most beautiful and largest in Thailand. It was inaugurated in 1963 and since than it has become an important tourist attraction of the town.

Pattani Central Mosque ©

Pattani beaches

There are numerous fine beaches in the province, such as Hat Ma Ruat, Hat Chalalai, Hat Khae Khae, Hat Sai Chai Bueng Ban Laweng and so on. Many visitors of the province come for the spectacular beaches.

Pattani beach ©tarikabdelmonem/Flickr

Wat Chang Hai

The outstanding 300-year-old wat can be found in the town of Pattani. It is one of the major landmarks of it. The Buddhist temple is famous for its beauty and for housing numerous sacred slabs.

Kru Se Mosque

Another beautiful mosque of the town of Pattani is the Kru Se Mosque. It is considered the oldest mosque in the town. The construction of the building began in 1578 but was never finished. According to the legend it was due to the curse which was placed on it.

Yarrang Old Town

An important archeological site is Yarrang Old Town. It is the place where evidences were discovered for two ancient communities. The site is very popular among visitors.

Ta Thi Cape

It is actually a beautiful peninsula which can be found in front of Pattani Bay. It is easily accessible and the scenery is picturesque.

Khao Ruesi

It is a beautiful mount of which most significant attraction is a rocky formation. There are also two ponds in the region of which waters are considered to have been used for coronation ceremonies.

Namtok Phong Phong

The gorgeous waterfall presents seven tiers. At the lowest level the waterfall has a natural pond where visitors can have a relaxing bath.

Festivals and events

The province of Pattani is well-known for its fantastic festivals. The Chak Phra festival is considered perhaps the most significant. It is an annual festival which commemorates the returning of Buddha from the heaven.


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