Top 10 attractions of Chanthaburi Province

The town of Chanthaburi,

Chanthaburi is the name for a province in East Thailand. It is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. Its name originates from the composition of two words: the Sanskrit “Chandra” which means “moon” and the Sanskrit “Puri” which means “city”. The province is not a typical tourist destination, but is home to numerous attractions, such as temples, monuments, museums, gardens, waterfalls, national parks, different buildings and so on. Besides the attractions, there are numerous local products on offer which can be very popular among tourists. There are also numerous festivals and events held in Chanthaburi.


King Taksin the Great Shrine

The shrine is housed in a building with royal hat shaped roof. It also displays a pointed spire which is considered to be built in 1920 AD. The Great Shrine is home to a statue of King Taksin the Great. Thai people come to the statue each day to pay respect to the respectful king.

Shrine of King Taksin,

Wang Suan Ban Kaeo Palace

The palace served as Queen Rambhai Barni’s royal residence. It was also the home of the Queen’s office. Wang Suan Ban Kaeo also served as a demonstration centre.

Wat Takat Ngao

Wat Takat Ngao houses a scripture hall, also named “Ho Trai”. It was constructed somewhere around the end of King Rama III’s reign by one of the royal school’s artisans and it can be found in the center of a pond.

Interior of a Ho trai,

Wat Phlap

Wat Phlap is a beautiful temple. At the beginning of the Chakri Dynasty the hall of Wat Phlap served as the place for the Ceremony of making sacred water which was poured over the head of the king during the coronation ceremony. It is considered that behind the temple there was an ancient crematorium.

King Taksin Shipyard

It includes archeological founds of an old ship which is considered to be a Chinese junk. The dimensions of the ship are considered to be the following: 24 m length and 5 m width. Besides the ship, several dock-like zones were excavated here.

Wat Thong Thua

Wat Thong Thua houses a breathtaking collection of Khmer sculptures. It is also considered to be the site of a Khmer temple above which it was built an ancient Bot. The nearby Mueang Phaniat archaeological site is a very interesting attraction, including remains of a Khmer religious sanctuary.

Khao Laem Sing Forest Park

The beautiful forest park occupies a huge surface of land and marine area. It includes evergreen- and beach forest at the same time. These forests are home to various species of flora and fauna.

The Catholic Church Chanthaburi

It is considered that the construction of the beautiful old Catholic church took about 275 years to complete. The large church was built in Gothic style, having some magnificent stained glass decorations which depict Christian saints.

The town of Chanthaburi,

Tham Khao Wong

It is an outstanding area of lime stone mountains and evergreen forests. These forests are the habitat of the endangered specie of animal named Chan Pha. There are also other attractions in the region: about 80 caves of which 20 are interconnected caves.

Yot Khao Phrabat

The natural attraction named Yot Khao Phrabat was actually formed by geological phenomena. It is related to Buddhist legends, such as Buddha’s footprint.


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