The traveler’s guide to Sukhumvit, Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the biggest and busiest cities on rathe planet, where a single neighborhood can be as large as several towns. For a traveler who arrives to Bangkok for the first time, navigating the maze of streets and districts that make up the Thai capital can be a challenging experience, but it’s never without its rewards. One of the districts of Bangkok where almost every tourist ends up is Sukhumvit, where the fanciest restaurants, the glitziest shops and the craziest nightclubs are found. Whether you want to merely gawk at all the glam around you, or if you’re prepared to sacrifice a hefty portion of your budget to enjoy what they have to offer, you might find this traveler’s guide to Sukhumvit useful on your next trip to Bangkok.

Getting around

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Sukhumvit is one of the longest roads in Thailand, and more than that – it is one of the longest roads in the world. But don’t be fooled by the term ‘road’ into thinking that all you have to do is walk in a straight line to survey all that Sukhumvit has to offer. There are countless side streets, or sois, wich are also worth exploring. Some sois are simply numbered, but some of them have names, with the lower numbered sois being popular residential areas for wealthy expats and Thais. The sidewalks are turned into open air bazaars in some parts of Sukhumvit, but if you learn to navigate the crowds you’ll do just fine.

Things to see

Although Sukhumvit is the most intense entertainment magnet in Bangkok, with iconic (and often infamous) spots like Soi Cowboy or Nana Entertainment Plaza, but in addition to shopping and nightlife venues there are several interesting ‘traditional’ attractions in the district. If you fancy a museum visit, you can check out the Museum of Thai Pharmacy, a fascinating insight into the history of medicine in Thailand, the the National Center for Science Education which features exhibitions on a variety of scientific topics and the Thailand Creative and Design Center where you can have a taste of Thailand’s design innovations.


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One thing that Sukhumvit excels at is keeping its visitors busy during the night hours, and offering ways to spend their money. When it comes to shopping, few other districts in Bangkok can compete with it. The markets of Sukhumvit are attractions and shopping area two in one, and only the worst shopping-haters would fail to be entertained by them. Other than that, there are several shopping malls and dedicated shopping streets where you can spend your money on knock-offs, brand goods and various souvenirs.

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