The top highlights of the Khao San Road in Bangkok

Khao San Road crowds keepitsurreal/Flickr

Khao San Road crowds ©keepitsurreal/Flickr

The Khao San Road is an extremely popular street in Bangkok. It is famous for its dozens of fantastic bars, shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs and other venues. The Khao San Road is worldwide famous for being a centre of parties, it is very popular among young travelers willing to enjoy the Thai nightlife. It also offers cheap accommodation, being a favorite area for backpacker travelers. In case you would like to make a unique travel experience, I suggest you to visit this street if you are in Bangkok. Are you interested in the top highlights of the Khao San Road? All you have to do is to read this article below. I hop it will help you.

Cultural sights

Although the Khao San Road is not famous for its cultural sights, there are some fantastic such attractions here, including Buddhist temples, an art gallery, a park and historic monuments. The best cultural sights of the area are the Wat Chana Songkhram, the Wat Bowonniwet, the Democracy Monument, the Santichaiprakarn Park and others. In case you are interested in visiting cultural sights besides the clubs of the street, visit the previously mentioned ones.

Khao San Road crowds keepitsurreal/Flickr

Khao San Road crowds ©keepitsurreal/Flickr


With dozens of bars, the street is a paradise for those searching for the city’s cheapest ones. A great thing about these bars is that almost all of them have terraces where you can sit and watch the crowds, enjoying the local atmosphere.

Some of the most popular and best bars are the following: the Brick Bar, the Golf Bar, Centre Khao Sarn, the Sabai Bar, the Sunset Bar and Garden Restaurant, the Sabai Bar and others. These venues are very popular among locals, too. So, if you would like to meet locals, choose one of these bars. The majority of the bars are open 24 hours.


In case you get hungry, try one of the several restaurants of the Khao San Road. If you are looking for luxurious restaurants, the street isn’t the place you have to go. The Khao San Road hosts only budget and mid-range restaurants, according to its characteristics.

Some of the budget ones are: Popiang House, Sakura House, Wild Orchid Villa, Chabad House Kosher Restaurant, Mr Yim’s and so on. Some mid-range restaurants are: La Casa, Ranee’s , Sara Restaurant, Tom Yum Kung, Saffron, Aquatini Bar & Restaurant and others.  Most of the restaurants are open daily until 22:00 or 23:00.

Khao San Road food WomEOS/Flickr

Khao San Road food ©WomEOS/Flickr


With lots of nightclubs, the Khao San Road is a focal point of Bangkok’s nightlife. Almost all of the nightclubs close at 3:00. Some of these venues are the following: Club Culture, The Club, Sanook Bar, Lava Club, Gazebo Club and so on. The last one is open longer than the other nightclubs, daily from 20:00 to 6:00. It seems to be the most popular such club on the Khao San Road.

Khao San Road by night justin_vidamo/Flickr

Khao San Road by night ©justin_vidamo/Flickr


Are you looking for some good cafés? There are lots of great cafés on the Khao San Road. There is even an international renowned Starbucks here, not to mention the others like Coffee and More, Coffee World or Ricky’s Coffee Shop.   

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