The most popular Thai dances

Thai dancers

Thai dancers, photo by thanapat/flickr

If you are interested in the art of dance, Thailand is the perfect place to visit! The Thai dances can not be compared to the well-known classical dances of Europe. Thai dance is the main dramatic art form of the country. The dances can be divided into two major categories which correspond to the high art (classical dance) and low art (folk dance). The traditional Thai dances can be divided into three main categories: Khon, Lakhon and Fawn Thai. Thai dances can be also classified after the region they are performed in. If you visit the for example the central part of Thailand on your next holiday, you will have the occasion to dance the popular Sri-Nuan dance. Or would you like to learn how to dance the Serng Kratip Khoa? In this case, you will have to spend a couple of days in the north-eastern region of the country. Choose any of Thailand’s regions, you will surely have the occasion to view a fantastic performance of Thai dancers.




This is a typical folk dance performed in Central Thailand. Sri-NuanSri-Nuan is a very popular dance of the country due to the spectacular choreography and the sweetness of the music that accompanies it. The choreography follows traditional models. The music and the lyrics present the pleasant nature of Thai girls. Thai girls used to learn this type of dance which has very fundamental movements. Sri-Nuan is also an expression of the yearning of a young man who wins due to his charm. Other typical dances for this region are among others the Teut-Teung and the Farmers Dance.


Thai dancers

Thai dancers, photo by thanapat/flickr


Serng Kratip (Khoa)


It is a typical folk dance in the north-eastern part of Thailand and it is performed during traditional celebrations. The Thai word “serng” is usually added to the name of a domestic object used on stage by the dancers. While performing the Serng Kratip, the dancers use the typical rice baskets. The music is characterized by vivid rhythm. The dancers’ movements imitate those women who bring food to the men working in the fields. Serng Kratip depicts the life of the people in an agriculture-based society who dance to entertain themselves during the harvest season.


Thai folk dance

Thai folk dance, photo by XcBiker/flickr




The Nora is a traditional dance which is typical for Southern Thailand. Its origins are describes in various legends of different versions. The Nora Tua Oon is a refined version of the Nora. It requires sophisticated experience. Unfortunately I have to tell you that the Nora Tua Oon must be studied from a very young age because of its complicated movements. A short visit in Thailand won’t be enough to learn this fantastic dance, but watching the performance of the dancers is also a memorable experience!


Fon Saomai


Fon is a type of dance in the northern part of the country. It is performed in groups and has very slow, almost meditative movements. Fon Saomai depicts a traditional profession of Thai women living in the north region, the silk-weaving. The choreography imitates different movements of this type of activity. It is a sophisticated and beautiful dance of Thai women. It’s worth watching it!

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