The best Thai drinks you must taste

Thai alcoholic drink, photo by pinguino/flickr

Consuming local foods and drinks can be a very interesting experience during your vacation, especially in an Asian country, like Thailand. The Thai cuisine is worldwide famous. Thai food is known as one of the most distinct and delicious foods in the world. So, if you visit Thailand, don’t miss to taste some of the magnificent dishes. After a delicious meal I am sure you won’t want to drink water. Choose a special Thai drink! Don’t forget, they look a little different from the well-known European drinks. To help you make a good choice, in the following article there will be presented some alcoholic drinks and special Thai teas.


Bangkok Cooler


The capital city of Thailand, Bangkok is one of the country’s hottest cities. If you visit Bangkok, you will surely observe that the town’s nightlife is also “hot” and vibrant. Thai people have a great drink to cool down the tourists, named the Bangkok Cooler. The recipe includes Sang Som which is a Thai rum based drink, but any light rum will be great, Crème de menthe (Green), lime juice, grenadine and pineapple juice. If you are in Bangkok, you must taste this fantastic drink!


Thai alcoholic drink, photo by pinguino/flickr

Thai Martinis


There are several ways you can prepare a Thai Martini, depending on the flavors you like. From Lemongrass Lychee Martini to Chili Martini, you will be amazed by the special flavor of these. These drinks are different from the well-known Martini. The ingredients for Thai Martinis can be the following: Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka, chilled lemon grass tea, lemongrass, fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger, chili, fresh lemon grass and so on. If you are a Martini fan, I suggest you to try at least one type of these after a delicious meal. It will surely be a memorable gastronomical experience.


Cha Yen (Thai Ice Tea)


Cha Yen is an extremely sweet orange color drink made of strong black tea and sweet condensed milk. It is similar to a Thai dessert in a glass, as it is very sweet and looks like an ice cream. There is evaporated milk or coconut milk over the top of the drink which makes it even sweeter. It is recommended to mix the tea up with your straw before you drink it. Otherwise you will taste mostly the strong black tea. In Thai restaurants worldwide, it is served in a tall glass, but in Thai markets it can be seen to be mixed through pouring the tea at heights of about 4 feet back and forth.


Thai ice tea, phot by avlxyz/flickr


Chrysanthemum Tea


This delicious tea made of chrysanthemum flowers is really healthy. It is especially great for sore throat and fever, also said to clear the liver and act as a healthy stimulant. As the majority of Thai drinks, this tea is also very sweet. It is easily recognizable after its bright yellowish color and the flowers steeping inside the cup. It is usually served from buckets.


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