The best street food in Bangkok

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Bangkok is such a diverse and huge city that you will never find yourself without something to do. Whatever you want – nightlife, shopping, food – you can have it in the Thai capital. There are few cities on the planet who can rival with Bangkok when it comes to food of any kind, and especially street food. Some of the best bites in the city can be had on the street, from the stalls selling all manner of Thai specialties that you wouldn’t find in a restaurant. Plus, street food is very cheap, and a budget traveler or a backpacker could survive on these tasty treats alone for weeks on end! You can find food stalls in all busy areas of the city, so here’s some the best street food in Bangkok for those who want to pamper their palates.

Oyster omelets

If you love seafood, then what better way to start your day than indulging in a tasty omelet topped with oysters? These fluffy or crispy omelets (depending on how you like them, you can state your preference) are topped with fresh, briny mollusks – oysters or mussels. The extra crispy omelet covered in mussels is a true delicacy, with interesting flavor and wonderful texture.

Guay Tiew Lord

photo by mattmangum on Flickr

Guay Tiew Lord are delicious flat and wide noodle rolls wrapped around an amazing filling: pork, mushrooms, squid and beansprouts, with tiny dried shrimp embedded in them. The rolls are usually eat with a mixture of soy sauce, fried garlic, an scallion. Some of the best Guay Tiew Lord can be bought in stalls on Yaowarat Road, in Bangkok’s Chinatown.


If you want street food that you can take home with you and it will be just as delicious the next day, you should try this Indian specialty sold on Chakrapet Road. Samosas are triangles of fried dough, stuffed with spicy potato paste and eaten dipped into a tamarind sauce.

Crab Omelets

photo by Oleg Sidorenko

Crab omelets are one of those rare kinds of street food that is not at all cheap, but so delicious that they are worth every penny. Jay Fai on Mahachai Road sells these concoctions of crispy, delicate omelet wrapped around huge chunks of crab, prepared in a similar way as the Japanese studded omelets. The omelet costs about 800 baht, but it’s probably the best street food in Bangkok.

Grilled Meatballs

Bangkok street stalls are overflowing with grilled meatballs, and although more often than not the meat balls are good, sometimes it can be a hit and miss. If you want to eat the best grilled meatballs in Bangkok, you should head to Soonvijai Soi, next to Bangkok hospital – the stalls there sell meatballs on a stick, covered in sweet chili sauce.

Gow Low Pik Gai

Gow Low Pik Gai are spicy chicken wings baked in the oven previously marinated in fish sauce, chili sauce and spices. Although this is a popular street food in other parts of Asia as well, the Gow Low Pik Gai in Bangkok are often served in a delicious broth, topped with cowslip flowers. Guaythiew Pik Gai Sai Nampung, located on Sukhumvit Road, is famous for this chicken wing soup, but you have to get up really early if you still want to find some before others eat it all up.

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