The best souvenirs from Thailand

Thai scarfs, photo by beggs/Flickr

One of the most important things of returning from your holiday is to buy some spectacular souvenirs for yourself and your friends. One of the world’s most exotic countries, Thailand is a true shopping paradise. You will find dozens of types of souvenirs and gifts. There are hundreds of shops, huge malls, fantastic markets or street stalls in Thailand. The country’s markets are full of beautiful Asian antiques, the well-known and beloved silk and tourist souvenirs. For example Buddhas, silver, clothing or spices make great gifts and souvenirs. If you would like to buy special gifts for your friends or family members which represent Thailand then you should go for Thai silk, Celadon ceramics or hand carved wood items.



You can find fabrics everywhere in Thailand. There are bolts of fabric as well as finished products. You can purchase silk scarves or fabric purses in several places in Thailand. Thai silk is very popular among tourists. The price of a Thai silk scarf is around $20, which can not be compared to a cheap $5 imitation polyester scarf. One of the capital city’s most popular spots for purchasing souvenirs is the Jim Thompson House. There is also a museum shop here which can be found at the entrance of the house. It contains high-end silk designs. Of course, you can buy silk at lower prices and lower quality in the markets. But if you purchase a silk scarf for example here, you will surely have it during a lifetime. Silk scarves are available everywhere. These items make beautiful, quite cheap and perfect souvenirs.


Thai scarfs, photo by beggs/Flickr


Hand-made clothing and silver jewelry


Tourists usually bring their favorite clothes from home when they go on a holiday. These can be a pair of jeans which fits perfectly, a skirt, the favorite shirt and so on. If you are doing the same thing if you go on a holiday, I will give you a great tip how to spend a little money and have some fine clothes. You can have your favorite clothes reproduced by tailors in Bangkok, for example. Arriving at home, you will wear your favorite clothes, but you will know that they are unique, made in Thailand. Another spectacular souvenir is silver jewelry. The city of Chiang Mai is well-known for its fantastic silver shops. There are available jewelries of all prices and even ornate plates and cups. These are perfect gifts for mothers, sisters or friends.


Elephants and Buddhas


As we all know, elephants are one of the major symbols of Thailand. You can find them in hundreds of forms and sizes on different items: printed on fabric, crafted into jewelry, applied onto bags, carved into wood and so on. They say if you buy anything with an elephant on it and you place it somewhere visible in your house, you will be lucky ever after. There is another type of fantastic souvenir relating to elephants: a painting made by an elephant. There are places in Thailand where elephants are coached to “paint” pictures. The paintings can be bought and make great souvenirs. We can not admit to mention the well-known and probably most popular souvenir which can be purchased in Thailand: the Buddha figures. From wood Buddhas to painted Buddhas, from antiqued Buddhas to meditating Buddhas, from big to small Buddhas, they are available everywhere throughout the country.


Elephant souvenirs, photo by lindz graham/Flickr


Spices and Sauces


Thailand is worldwide famous for its cuisine. If you find Thai food delicious and you would like to prepare some dishes at home, don’t miss to buy some spices and sauces! For a few dollars, you can buy big packages that contain several different types of Thai spices. Thai hot pepper sauces are just an example of the sauces which are available almost everywhere. They also make a nice gift for the friends.


Thai spices, photo by quinn.anya/Flickr

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