The best restaurants in Bangkok

Inside the Blue Elephant, photo by permanently scatterbrained/Flickr

If you visit Bangkok on your next holiday, it is good to know the best restaurants in the city. Bangkok is a buzzing city with numerous restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and so on. If you would like to taste delicious Thai meals, you are in the right city. There are numerous outstanding Asian restaurants in the capital city. Besides, there are also international-, French-, Italian-, Indian-, Mediterranean-, Japanese-, seafood- and numerous other types of restaurants, too. To find the best restaurant suiting to your preference, before visiting Bangkok, read the following article which will include information about the best restaurants in the city.

The best Thai restaurants

One of the best ways to get in touch with Thai culture is to taste of the fantastic traditional meals. Thai food is world-renowned. You can purchase Thai spices and sauces and prepare delicious meals at home, but the best is to taste the Thai meals at one of the restaurants in Thailand. Bangkok is home to numerous outstanding Thai restaurants, such as Blue Elephant, Baan Khanitha, Mahanaga, Nara, Long Table and so on. These are very popular restaurants not only among local people, but among tourists, too. The opulent restaurant named Blue Elephant is one of the most famous restaurants of the capital city. It might sound familiar, as there are numerous branches of the Blue Elephant all over the world. The milieu is of course characterized by traditional Thai features and there is classical Thai music played in the background. Long Table has an appropriate name, housing a 25 m long table where you can eat along unknown people. It is surely a memorable experience.

Inside the Blue Elephant, photo by permanently scatterbrained/Flickr

The best international restaurants

There are numerous international restaurants in Bangkok. Bangkok also has to offer great restaurants for those who prefer to eat international food on their holiday. Such restaurants are Bacchus, Buritara, Blue Velvet, Bed Supperclub and so on. The Bed Supperclub Restaurant is very popular among visitors, especially among young people. You can lounge on fantastic beds while you eat.

Inside the Bed Supperclub, photo by OzMark17/Flickr


The best French restaurants

French cuisine is worldwide prestigious, French meals being some of the most popular meals. Millions of people adore French food. Obviously, there are numerous French restaurants in Bangkok, too. The most popular are the following: Aubergine, 4 Garcons, D’Sens, Bonjour, Déjà Vu and so on. If you would like to taste delicious cheeses, onion soup, coq au vin or any other French specialty, choose the fantastic Aubergine Restaurant. The restaurant is small, but has a pleasant milieu.

The best Chinese restaurants

As in almost every city in the world, there are Chinese restaurants in Bangkok, too. Many visitors opt for Chinese food. Lon Fa, Lok Wah Hin, Fei Ya, Liu and Shanghai 38 are just some of the outstanding Chinese restaurants in Bangkok. If you would like to eat delicious peking duck, shark’s fin or any Chinese specialty, make a reservation at the fantastic Fei Ya Restaurant.

The best Mediterranean restaurants

Are you a fan of Mediterranean food? Bangkok has some fine restaurants to offer you. The Sirocco and the Crepes & Co are great Mediterranean restaurants in the capital city. The Sirocco offers a combination of delicious food and spectacular views, set on top of the State Tower.

View over Bangkok from the Sirocco, photo by Greg Knapp/Flickr


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