The best party islands in Thailand

photo by Joe Stump on Flickr

Koh Phangan might be the official party island of Thailand, thanks to the ever increasing popularity of the New Moon and Half Moon parties, but this idyllic island is not the only island in Thailand where you can party till you drop. For those who like dancing, music and fun, there are few things more entertaining than island hopping in Thailand in search of the craziest parties you can find. Beach parties give the best of two worlds: the breeze, the sound of the ocean, sand, and music and people dancing in the moonlight. If that’s the kind of travel experience is what you’re looking for, here are the best party islands in Thailand.

Koh Phi Phi

The legendary beauty of Koh Phi Phi was enough to convince film makers to use it as a filming site for several movies, and there isn’t a day when tourists don’t swarm on the beautiful beach and the viewpoints on the island. And while the serene natural charm of Koh Phi Phi rules during the day, at night the beach comes alive with people dancing and watching extravagant performances. The parties here might not be as wild as the ones on Haad Rin, but they are something special nonetheless.

Koh Samui

photo by Miles Goodhew on Flickr

Some of the most popular beaches in Thailand are in Koh Samui, and there is no shortage of resorts, hotels and hostels that cater to all budgets. Although Koh Samui is not necessarily cheap, it is one of the best party islands in Thailand if you care more about the music and the atmosphere than your accommodation. There are tons of beach bars where you can relax, but for crazy parties head to Green Mango Soi where the best of the island’s clubs and bars are located.


Patong Beach in Phuket is already notorious among party-goers, thanks to its abundance of relatively clean cut beach bars as well as decadent go-go bars and beer bars. Whatever your poison might be, you can be sure to find it somewhere in Phuket. Sprawling nightclubs as well as stylish cocktail bars are available for travelers who prefer to skip the rowdier entertainment.

Koh Chang

photo by Dennis Wong

Some people might like their parties as crowded, noisy and crazy as possible, but those who want a more low key atmosphere that still doesn’t end up being boring should head to Koh Chang. You can sip cocktails and enjoy a dinner on the beach until late, or get together with new friends or traveling companions and while the night away chatting, snacking and drinking.

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the Thai party island supreme, and a must-visit for any party animals whose travels take them to Thailand. Koh Phangan used to be a rather quiet backpacker destination until the famous Full Moon parties started. If you are not on the island during the Full Moon party on Haad Rin beach, you still won’t miss out on much – there are more than enough parties happening every night, regardless of the phase of the moon.

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