The best nightlife areas in Bangkok

photo by Swami Stream

Bangkok is often said to be a backpacker friendly city, but perhaps the right way to describe it would be just friendly, because there are few things that are frowned upon in this city. Known worldwide for its boisterousness, colorful mishmash buildings new and old, rowdy nightlife and traffic jams, and not least of all, its street food. You can have fun in Bangkok if you’re strapped for money just as well as someone who is swimming in cash, because in the Thai capital, you don’t actually have any limits to what you can do as long as you stay within the rules of the law (and that’s also open for interpretation sometimes). Simply put, if you like to party, then you’ll fit right in – and to start you off, here are some of the best nightlife areas in Bangkok.


photo by Eric Molina

Everything that you’ve ever heard about Bangkok’s nightlife can be can be found in Patpong district, sometimes without even a hint of exaggeration. Patpong is all that it is though to be – a red light district full of go-go bars, where hedonism reigns supreme, but it is also true that you can enjoy the district even if you are not interested in the type of entertainment common in Patpong. The whole district has a surreal atmosphere which is an integral part of Bangkok – no visit to the Thai capital is complete without seeing Patpong at night.

Khao San Road

Khao San Road is the backpacker paradise of Bangkok, where budget travelers can find cheap accommodation, cheap grub and cheap things to buy. Khao San is also somewhat of an institution for Bangkok tourists, and the fact that it is lined with bars and pubs (as well as temples and other sights) does help too. Khao San is great for spending a relaxing evening or night, just chatting or looking at people passing by.


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Sukhumvit district is very exclusive, with countless hip apartments and luxury villas, as well as several establishments similar to what you find in Patpong. But Sukhumvit  is also the place to go if you want to spend your evening in an upscale venue, mingling with the young, rich and fashionable crowd of the city.


Ratchaprasong district has lots of things to do at night for those who are not in partying mood and would like something more quiet. There are lots of stylish bars serving fancy cocktails, karaoke bars or bowling alleys where you can have fun with friends or on your own. In a more subdued way, Ratchaprasong definitely has some of the best nightlife areas in Bangkok.

Royal City Avenue

photo by chinnian on Flickr

Royal City Avenue (RCA) in Ratchadaphisek district is a pedestrian only street lined with all sorts of pubs, bars and nightclubs, frequented usually by the younger generation of Thais. Some of the largest and busiest nightclubs in the country are located on RCA, and funnily enough, supposedly some of the fanciest toilets in the city.

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