The best landmarks in Thailand

The Grand Palace, photo by Enchant_me/Flickr

What is the first thing you think of if someone mentions Thailand? Is it Bangkok, is it a temple or a Buddha statue, is it an elephant or perhaps Phuket island? Thailand has numerous landmarks and symbols which are associated with the country. The Buddha images and statues, the Buddhist temples are the best-known symbols of Thailand. There are numerous beautiful and impressive temples here. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Temple of Dawn are probably the best-known ones. Thailand has a rich natural heritage, too. There are wonderful islands, magnificent bays, national parks with impressive waterfalls in the country. To help you make a clearer image of Thailand, in the following article I will present the best landmarks of it.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Also known as Wat Phra Kaew, the magnificent temple can be found in the capital city, Bangkok. It is the most revered temple of Thais. It is situated on the grounds of the well-known Grand Palace. The temple got its name of the statue situated inside of it, the Emerald Buddha. It is a much revered statue which is considered to protect Bangkok. The Emerald Buddha is made of green jade, not of emerald. It is dressed in beautiful gold clothes. The temple is very popular not only among Thai people, but among tourists, too. It is surely a must-see landmark of the county.

The Grand Palace

As I mentioned it, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha is situated on the grounds of the spectacular Grand Palace, in Bangkok. Used to be the residence of Thai Monarchs, it was built in 1782. It is a breathtaking architectural jewel of Thailand, attracting dozens of visitors each year. If you visit the palace, keep in mind that it is a much sacred place for Thais, so pay attention to your dress style. Wear long skirts or pants. It is also recommended for women to cover their shoulders. Trust me, this magnificent landmark is undoubtedly worth visiting!

The Grand Palace, photo by Enchant_me/Flickr


The Temple of Dawn

The temple is also a well-known landmark of Thailand. It appears on many postcards, being also very popular among tourists. Also named Wat Arun, it is situated in Bangkok. The Temple of Dawn is considered the most photographed symbol of the capital city. It is not surprising if you think of the spectacular architectural style of the impressive buildings and statues. Perhaps the main highlight of it is the wonderful 104 m high tower built in Khmer style. As the previously mentioned landmarks, the Temple of Dawn is also a must-see for every visitor.

Temple of Dawn, photo by Bruce Tuten/Flickr

Sukhothai ancient ruins

The spectacular city of Sukhothai is situated in Northern Thailand. I could also mention the ancient town of Ayutthaya with the impressive remains, because it is also a wonderful landmark of Thailand. Sukhothai is a very popular site for visitors to the country. Sukhothai Muang Kao can be found about 12 km of the city centre. The ruins are breathtaking. There are also wonderful lakes and bridges on the grounds of this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ruins of beautiful temples and Buddha statues can be also admired by visitors.

Phang Nga Bay

With its distinctive limestone cliffs, the bay appears on many images, postcards and photos of Thailand. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular landmarks of it. Nature parks, gorgeous caves, mangroves and spectacular islands await visitors here. You can also relax lying on the wonderful beaches, swim in the crystal clear waters or admire underwater life. It is one of the most beautiful natural attractions of Thailand.

Phang Nga Bay, photo by jeffgunn/Flickr


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