The best ladyboy bars in Bangkok

Ladyboys entertaining the crowd petercastleton/Flickr

Ladyboys entertaining the crowd ©petercastleton/Flickr

In case you are looking for some unique, perhaps shocking experiences during your Thai holiday, there are several options to choose of. The first shocking experience might be a delicious, but very spicy or unique flavored Thai dish. Another such experience is taking part on a Thai boxing show. My third idea is to visit a ladyboy bar anywhere in Thailand.

Of course, Bangkok is the city which boasts in such venues. There are dozens of ladyboy bars in the Thai capital city. Choose any of them and watch a performance. You won’t regret it! You will be amazed by the “culture of ladyboys” in Thailand. Do you want to know which are the best ladyboy bars in Bangkok? Read the following guide to find it out! 


Obsession is perhaps the most popular ladyboy bar in Bangkok. With classic style, the bar includes a large central stage. There are many girls in the Obsession who are very pretty and feminine. The prices are a little bit higher than the usual, but still acceptable. I have to tell you that the bar might not be the right place to visit if you only want to look around. You will find the bar in the Nana Plaza, on the ground floor.

Ladyboys entertaining the crowd petercastleton/Flickr

Ladyboys entertaining the crowd ©petercastleton/Flickr


Located on Soi Cowboy, the little, but popular ladyboy bar, Cockatoo is one of the best-known such venues in Bangkok. It is very popular among Japanese visitors. The venue is also a go-go bar. You will find it easily because a large neon sign marks it.

Just like the Soi Cowboy, the Cockatoo is a friendly place to go. The “girls” are also very friendly. A good thing about the bar is that prices are fixed, so you won’t have part of surprises when it comes to pay. There are about ten ladyboys in this bar, all of them very pretty. They speak English well enough to “negotiate” with clients.

Taking photo with a ladyboy fyunkie Flickr

Taking photo with a ladyboy ©fyunkie Flickr

King’s Castle III

Considered to be the best ladyboy bar in Patpong, the King Castle III is a very popular venue. There are about twelve to fifteen girls in the bar. Some of the ladies speak English excellent. They say that girls dance much better than in other go-go bars in Bangkok. Ladies are also famous for being educated. The beers cost only about 120 baht and lady drinks start at 100 baht.


Last, but not least popular is the Cascade ladyboy bar. It is famous for its impressive design. There is a large “Flinstone cave” design inside the bar. There are tens of pretty ladyboys in the bar. Cascade is situated in Nana Plaza, on its third floor.

Ladyboy cabaret show zaphodsotherhead/Flickr

Ladyboy cabaret show ©zaphodsotherhead/Flickr


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