The best islands in Thailand

Ko Chang, photo by Ian Armstrong

Thailand is a lush and diverse country with an incredible culture, and yet the most important of its resources is considered to the Andaman Sea, which not only provides fish and seafood, but it also where the most popular resorts and islands of the country are located. Since tourism is one of the most important pillars of Thai economy, it is no wonder that the islands are used as a means of attracting travelers – and it’s not as if they have to make any efforts to attract visitors! Thailand’s islands are as varied and fascinating as the mainland, and  you can always find one that has something unique to boast of. If island-hopping is your favorite type of holiday, then you will have the time of your life visiting the best islands in Thailand.

Ko Chang

The second largest island in Thailand used to be a quiet place that didn’t get much attention from foreigners, but over the past few years it has been undergoing a huge boom in tourism. This pristine island has only about 5000 permanent residents, and while it is still possible to enjoy some solitude in Ko Chang (as opposed to Ko Samui or Phuket), who knows for how long will it be possible? The amazing wildlife, scenery, snorkeling spots and sandy beaches of Ko Chang should be visited while they are still relatively underrated.

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe, photo by Argenberg on Flickr

If you are visiting some of the most popular island resorts, it might seem like it’s impossible to find a spot that hasn’t been developed for tourism. But when you are on Ko Lipe, it feels like you are in another world, one virtually untouched by the hand of humans. Ko Lipe has some of the most undisturbed island landscapes in Thailand, and home to the Sea Gypsies, the Chao Ley people, who have several villages on the island.

Ko Phangan

Ko Phangan might be the site of the (in)famous Full Moon party, held in the village of Haad Rin once a month. But if outrageous parties are not your style, it’s possible to find a quiet place to kick back on the miles an miles of lovely coastline in Ko Phangan. Coconut trees, small fishing villages, the pristine Thonglang Bay or the remote Bottle Beach are all ripe for exploration.

Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi, photo by Thomas Quine

The archipelago of Ko Phi Phi has one inhabited island Ko Phi Phi Don, and several deserted islands and islets which are the most perfect tropical paradises one can find. The island of Ko Phi Phi Leh is famous for being the filming site of The Beach movie, and it boasts of some of the most incredible bays and beaches in Asia.

Ko Lanta

When you’re looking for a holiday away from the parties where you can enjoy the beauty of nature, head to Ko Lanta, a small group  of islands in Krabi Province, famous for their amazing beaches and great snorkeling spots.

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