The best free things to do in Bangkok

Butterfly in the Butterfly Garden,

If you are traveling on a low budget, but you would like to visit as much attractions as you can and do as much things as you can on your holiday, choose Bangkok. Besides being a very popular tourist destination, there are numerous free things to do in the capital city of Thailand. Some of the outstanding free attractions are the beautiful temples. Besides the temples, you can visit freely museums, galleries, parks, markets and so on. In spite of being free attractions and things to do, these are fantastic activities. You will surely be satisfied by the amazing attractions and won’t spend any money. Visiting Bangkok’s free attractions is undoubtedly a great idea.

Visit the spectacular temples

There are numerous temples in the capital city which are free to visit. The major part of the temples acquire admission fee, but there are several beautiful temples which can be visited without paying a cent. These may be hidden temples, but I will tell you three which can be easily found. Wat Indraviharn can be found on the ground of the Dusit Palace, Wat Mangkorn Kamalawat is situated in the district named Chinatown and Wat Patum Wanaran is located in the city centre, between two shopping malls. You will surely find them easily and will be satisfied by their beauty.

Make tours on the numerous markets of the city

Probably the best way to meet local people and culture is to visit the markets. Obviously, there is no admission fee to any market in Bangkok. You will have the occasion to meet local people and purchase local products and food. Thewet Market is a popular market in Bangkok, just like the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the night markets or the fantastic floating markets near Bangkok. Making a tour on any of these markets is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

Chatuchak Market, photo by Mark Fischer/Flickr

Visit the free museums in Bangkok

There are several free museums and art galleries in the capital city. Such museums are for example the Royal Elephant Museum and the Bangkokian Museum. The first is dedicated to the much revered mammals, the elephants. Visit this fantastic museum and you will have the occasion to find out why these animals are so important for local people and culture. The second is also considered the folk museum of the city and includes great collections relating to the 20th century mid-class.

Rest in the Lumphini Park

The public park is extremely popular among both local people and tourists. A great free activity is to rest in the Lumphini Park. There are also offered great activities, such as aerobic classes, folks dance and Tai Chi performances. If you would like to work out, you can also run along with local people, as the park is popular for this type of activity, too.

Lumphini Park, photo by neajjean/Flickr

Explore the fantastic Butterfly Garden

A fantastic and unique free attraction of Bangkok is the Butterfly Garden. It can be found on the grounds of the Rot Fai Park and is home to hundreds of species of butterflies. Besides, it also includes numerous insects. If you love animals or have little children, you surely can’t go wrong with this attraction.

Butterfly in the Butterfly Garden,


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