The best fall festivals in Thailand

Loy Kratong, photo by Stewen W. Belcher/Flickr

If you want to visit Thailand this fall, you will surely have a wonderful vacation. There are thousands of tourist attractions in this spectacular country, ranging from Buddhist temples to historical parks, from mountain ranges to national parks, not to mention the fantastic festivals. Thailand is famous for its vivid and colorful festivals. There are held numerous great events and festivals throughout the year. Autumn is also full of some fantastic festivals in Thailand. So, if you are traveling to Thailand this fall, make sure to plan your vacation so that you can attend at least one of the following festivals.


The Illuminated Boat Procession

A near future event is the fantastic Lai Ruea Fai, being known as the illuminated boat procession in English. The festival is held in the north-eastern part of the country, commemorating the end of the Buddhist Lent. This fantastic event is practiced by local people for centuries. It occurs between the 23rd and 31st of October. During the event decorated boats are illuminated or even fired on the Mekong River.

Rub Bua Festival

The boat also plays a key role during this event which occurs on the 29th of October. It is dedicated to the image of Buddha, “Luangpho To”. There are numerous programs during the event, such as water sports competition, eating competition, cooking demonstrations, decorated boat contest and so on.

Thai dancers on a festival, photo by torugatoru/Flickr

Sakon Nakhon Wax Castle Festival

It is one of the largest events which commemorate the end of the Buddhist Lent. The event takes place between the 26th and 30th of October. It is a gorgeous festival, as there are displayed wax castles, shrines and Buddhist temples, all made of molded beeswax.


Phra Samut Chedi Fair

Occurring between the 4th and 15th of November, this festival is the country’s oldest temple fair. During the event Thai people pay respect to Phra Samut Chedi. There is a tradition of sewing a huge red cloth which is used to wrap the chedi around. There are many products and food on sale during the festival which is very popular among visitors.

River Kwai Bridge Week

The fantastic and famous event, the River Kwai Bridge Week takes place between the 28th of November and the 9th of December. The festival is dedicated to commemorate the anniversary of the worldwide famous bridge. There is a fantastic show of lights and sounds displayed at the bridge. If you visit the area during the festival, do not miss it!

Bridge over the River Kwai, photo by Rev Stan/Flickr

Surin Elephant Roundup

If you love these enormous animals, the festival is a must for you! It commemorates the significance of Thai elephants and the relationship of local people with these fantastic animals. It takes place on the 17th and 18th of November, at Surin. The festival is today internationally famous. During the event there are spectacular demonstrations of elephant talent in different competitions.

Loy Krathong

Occurring on the 28th of November, the fantastic Festival of Lights is an outstanding nighttime festival. Visitors of this event can admire beautiful Krathongs which are richly decorated and illuminated.

Loy Kratong, photo by Stewen W. Belcher/Flickr


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