The best entertainment options in Bangkok

Geisha at Calypso Cabaret kevinpoh/Flickr

Geisha at Calypso Cabaret ©kevinpoh/Flickr

Bangkok is an excellent tourist destination, being home to some world famous visitor attractions, landmarks and entertainment venues. You surely can not get bored in this amazing city, as there are innumerable entertainment options to choose of. From cabaret shows to ladyboy bars, from cooking classes to Thai boxing matches, from theme parks to golf courses, from massage centers to movies and theatres, Bangkok is a paradise for those looking for endless entertainment.

If you are also looking for a fantastic tourist destination where you can enjoy the nightlife, different shows, have fun with the entire family or practice different sports, I suggest you to choose Thailand’s astonishing capital city as your next destination. Before traveling, read the following guide. Below I will present you the best entertainment options in Bangkok

Bangkok cabaret shows

Thailand is famous for its excellent ladyboy and cabaret shows. Bangkok’s premier cabaret theatre is the famous Calypso Cabaret. Located on Charoenkrung Road, the Calypso is very popular among visitors. The ladyboys are beautiful and the shows are always excellent. The cabaret show is about lots of feathers, costumes and glamour. If you would like to find out how a fantastic Thai cabaret show looks like, I suggest you to make a reservation at Calypso. 

Geisha at Calypso Cabaret kevinpoh/Flickr

Geisha at Calypso Cabaret ©kevinpoh/Flickr

Thai cooking classes in Bangkok

Thai cooking classes are offered nowadays throughout the city in the big hotels. Whether your hotel offers you a cooking class or you have to go to a local cooking school, it will surely be a fantastic experience. If you are interested in the significance of Thai ingredients, if you love Thai food and would like to prepare some dishes at home, too, it is best to take part on a Thai cooking class in Bangkok.

Taking part on Thai cooking class colmsurf/Flickr

Taking part on Thai cooking class ©colmsurf/Flickr

Bangkok fun parks

If you are traveling with the kids, you have to please them, too. Why don’t you take them to a fun park in Bangkok? There are some excellent amusement and water parks in Bangkok. The most significant and most popular ones are the following: Dream World, Fantasia Lagoon, Siam Park City, Kidzania Bangkok, Funarium Indoor Playground and Leoland Water Park. Choose any of these. The kids will love it!

Cinemas in Bangkok

Bangkok is home to some of the biggest and best cinemas of Asia. The city is famous for its modern cinema complexes which offer bowling alleys and karaoke facilities at the same time. Most cinemas in Bangkok can be found in large shopping malls. The most famous cinemas in the city are: Century Movie Plaza, Apex, Paragon Cineplex, Major Cineplex and so on.

VIP cinema in Bangkok qcom/Flickr

VIP cinema in Bangkok ©qcom/Flickr

Thai boxing in Bangkok

Thailand is famous for its sport – Thai boxing. Muay Thai (Thai boxing) matches can be watched all over the country. If you are in Bangkok, you can watch Thai boxing matches or you can even learn how to practice this sport in Bangkok. Lumpini Stadium and Ratchadamnoen Stadium are the major locations for it.

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