The best destinations for shopping sprees in Thailand

Chatuchak Market, photo by Wendy Harman

When it comes to backpacking and traveling on the cheap, Thailand has no equal in Asia. But as budget-friendly a destination as it is, if you have money to spare and you feel like spending it on some nice things for yourself, Thailand has more than enough opportunities for you to lighten your purse. There are so many things to do, see and taste in Thailand that you’d have to have a very impressive self-control in order to avoid spending at least some money. But if you’ve decided to throw self-control out of the window and indulge in a lengthy shopping spree, Thailand will give you more than enough opportunities to shop till you drop. Here are the best destinations for shopping sprees in Thailand.

Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bangkok

In Bangkok, you could shop for years without buying the same thing twice. With so many markets and streets lined with all sorts of shops, from high end department stores to small shops selling trinkets and stalls with souvenirs, Bangkok has it all. But for a comprehensive shopping experience, visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market, where you can buy art pieces, live snakes and fake designer goods. Despite the wealth of fake Gucci bags, some of the up and coming designers in the city also have some outlets here in the market.

JungCeylon, Patong, Phuket

JungCeylon, photo by Michael Spencer

Never let it be said that all Phuket has is nice beaches, because JungCeylon  is there to prove you wrong. This huge shopping mall is not just a place where you can find fancy coffee shops and run of the mill fast-foods – it also has an amazing fashion scene. If you want to see what are the newest trends among the well-dressed people of Phuket, then a visit to JungCeylon is mandatory. The basement of the mall is filled with small shops selling souvenirs – of course this is one of the best destinations for shopping sprees in Thailand, you can find everything here!

Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai

If you want to enjoy Chiang Mai’s nightlife, you will unavoidably end up on Nimmanhaemin Road. However, among the bars and nightclubs on this long street, there are more there are more than enough bespoke tailors (you can get custom-made hand sewn clothes here), and fashion boutiques for all tastes. Nimmanhaemin Road also has a nice scene for handicrafts, especially New Age ones, but traditional crafts can also be found aplenty.

China Town, Yaowarat

The moment you enter Yaowarat’s Chinatown you’ll be assaulted by a thousands smells and colors. In short, this China Town is a feast for the sense, but also for those who have shopping on their minds. The narrow alleys of this area of Yaowarat are home to hundreds of shops selling everything you could ever dreamed of, including things you never even knew existed.

 MBK Center, Bangkok

The gigantic MBK shopping center has more than 100,000 daily, a third of which are tourists – the population of an entire city! This 8 story structure has 2000 stores and a huge Tokyu department store that is very popular with shoppers. Although there are lots of knockoff goods to be found, but there are plenty of upscale shops too, selling expensive items.

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