The best convincing reasons to visit Songkhla Province

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The province of Songkhla is situated in the south edge of Thailand. It is important to mention that the largest city of the province is Hat Yai and not Songkhla which is the provincial capital. The province, just like numerous other provinces in Thailand, is home to dozens of visitor attractions, including Buddhist temples, Buddha images, museums, parks, forests, beaches and other kind of sights. Besides, there are great local products, activities on offer and fantastic festivals held in Songkhla. Do you want to find out which are the best convincing reasons to visit Songkhla Province? All you have to do is to read the following article.


As I already mentioned it, there are numerous sights which are worth visiting in Songkhla. Some of the most famous highlights of the province are the following: the city of Hat Yai, Songkhla Lake, Wat Hat Yai Nai, Wat Matchimawat (Wat Khlang), Wat Chai Mongkhon, Samila cape beach, Songkhla National Museum and so on. Wat Matchimawat is the most significant temple in the province. It was built about 400 years ago and today houses the Phattharasin Museum. Songkhla National Museum is the source of local history, archaeology, culture and folk art. A huge reclining Buddha can be found in Wat Hat Yai Nai, in the city of Hat Yai. It is a major visitor attraction. Songkhla Lake is considered the largest natural lake in the country. At the mouth of the lake (on the Gulf of Thailand) the water is brackish. Therefore, some Irrawaddy dolphins live in the lake.

Reclining Buddha at Hat Yai Nai ©


There are four famous festivals held in the province: the Thai Goods and Produce Promotion Fair, the Lak Phra and Tak Bat Thewo, the Tham Bun Duean Sip and the Songkran Festival. The Songkran Festival is famous all around Thailand. In Songkhla it is held on the 13th of April. Two of the festivals are related to new moon celebrations: Tham Bun Duean Sip and Lak Phra and Tak Bat Thewo. The last one is characteristic to Amphoe Mueang Songkhla and its purpose is giving alms to monks at the foot of the hill.

Local products

There are some fantastic local products in Songkhla, including different seafood such as shrimp and fish. Other products are Nang Talung (shadow puppet) and Ko Yo Hand (woven Fabric). The Nang Talung puppets are actually cut from animal hide. These are used for different performances at the rear of white screens, using bright lights.

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Visitors of the province have the opportunity of practicing numerous activities, including swimming and sunbathing on the beaches, shooting for sport, playing golf and taking part at different activities, such as Thai boxing.

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