The best budget accommodation in Phuket

Patong, photo by Dennis Wong

Thailand has long been known as a favorite destination of backpackers from all over the world, not only because of its wealth of natural and cultural attractions, but also because it could offer so much for so little. Budget travel in Thailand is a piece of cake as long as your are not too picky and know where to look for the best deals. Bangkok is already well known for its great budget accommodation options, but what about other destinations in Thailand? Phuket is frequently the target of beach-loving backpackers who want nothing more than lounge on a beach, party, and have a place to sleep for the night. Wherever you choose to stay on the island, most of its attractions are within reach, so you can afford to pick the best kind of accommodation regardless of the distance. Here are some places where you can find the best budget accommodation in Phuket.

Phuket Backpacker, Ranong Road, Phuket Town

Phuket Town, the largest city on the island has plenty of budget accommodation options, from small guesthouses where little English is spoken to modern hostels catering to tourists. Phuket Backpacker is one of the latter: a convenient, cheap and reasonably cozy establishment in the center of the town, near the produce market. There is a large common room and kitchen where you can socialize with other travelers, and the rooms range from basic (air-fan cooled) to air-conditioned ones.

Pineapple Guesthouse, Patak Road, Karon

Kata Beach, photo by mst7022

As the second largest of Phuket’s tourist beaches, Karon has its fair share of hotels, guesthouses and bungalows. Pineapple Guesthouse is not the cheapest option available, but one of the best values for money. Most of the available rooms are single, double and three-bed, with air conditioning, en suite bathroom, a fridge and free wi-fi access. There is also a dorm room with those traveling in groups, or backpackers who don’t mind the company. Restaurant and cafe on site.

Southern Fried Rice, Kata Road

Kata is arguably the most beautiful beach on the island, which means that it is one of the liveliest areas in Phuket. Southern Fried Rice is a new guesthouse on Kata Road, offering great value for money in a quiet location within walking distance to restaurants and shops. The rooms are light and airy, and the common room has a plasma TV, a pool table and a great sound system. For those in need of intellectual stimulation, the hostel also regularly hosts the Phuket Chess Club.

Kaya House, Patong

Karon Beach, photo by modery

Patong is the most popular destination in Phuket, so it’s rather difficult to find any truly cheap places to stay. However, Kaya House is pretty affordable and its rooms are clean and comfortable. Air conditioning is available, and most rooms have small fridges as well. The staff and owner are very helpful and do their best to provide guests with information about transport, restaurants, etc.

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