The best budget accommodation in Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan, photo by Fabio Achilli on Flickr

If you are traveling to Koh Phangan in order to partake in the revelry of the Full Moon party and other beach parties, you probably won’t need any accommodation for a few nights, but you will need a place to sleep during the day. And if the other attractions of Koh Phangan have drawn you to the island, like the lovely beaches fringed by coconut palms, the national parks and waterfalls, or the snorkeling, kayaking and diving, then you will most definitely need a shelter for the night. And if you prefer to spend your travel funds on activities and sightseeing rather than princely accommodation, then you’d better start looking at the more affordable options well before visiting Koh Phangan, because they are always in high demand! Here is some of the best budget accommodation in Koh Phangan, for travelers who value savings.

My Phangan Resort, Ban Kai

Regardless whether you are planning on attending the Full Moon Party or the Half Moon Party (both of which are really close to Bai Kai) or to explore the island, My Phangan Resort if the perfect place to stay. This unpretentious resort offers a private beach and amenities such as air conditioning and fridge, and a restaurant where you can watch TV for prices starting at $16. Considering the amenities and the pretty beach front, this hotel is definitely a bargain.

Wattana Resort, Chalok Lam

Haad Rin, photo by Fabio Achilli

This resort is a collection of cozy bungalows run by very friendly owners who offer top quality service for very affordable prices. Backpackers traveling i groups will have all the freedom they want, but families with children will also find the resort very accommodating. While the food and the beach are good but not exceptional, what really makes this resort worthwhile (in addition to the price) is the quiet, which you will be especially grateful for if you spend your nights partying.

LunaC Bar/Hostel, Haad Rin

Those who visit Haad Rin are usually attracted by the promise of fun at the Full Moon Party, and LunaC Bar/Hostel is the perfect spot for backpackers and party-goers who will spend most of their times outside. The hostel has dorm-style rooms with pretty comfortable beds, and it generally has a very laid-back atmosphere. It is a great place to meet other revelers, and to get discount drinks at the hostel’s bar.

Benjamin’s Hut, Haad Yao

Haad Yao, photo by Lindz Graham

Haad Yao is much more quiet than the party beaches on the island, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. Instead, it allows you to bask in natural beauty and to enjoy a wide variety of water sports. If you are an outdoorsy person who doesn’t mind rough travel, then you will be more than happy to spend the night at Benjamin’s Hut, in simple huts with hammocks. Very low prices, clean and comfortable, so definitely among the best budget accommodation in Koh Phangan.


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