The best attractions in Patong

Patong M0les/Flickr

Patong ©M0les/Flickr

The island of Phuket is one of the top tourist destinations of the amazing country of Thailand. It drags innumerable visitors every year. The island is a hot spot for tourists, offering gorgeous beaches, good dive sites, endless entertainment and unique visitor attractions. I have already presented you numerous aspects relating to the island, including its beaches and other attractions. Below I will present you the best attractions in Patong which is one of the beaches on the island. The famous nightlife spot named Bangla Road, the popular Simon Cabaret, the Paradise Complex and the Jungceylon Shopping Mall are just some of the most popular attractions.

Bangla Road

The famous nightlife spot of Patong, Bangla Road is always crowded, especially after sunset. It drags hundreds of tourists with its excellent bars and venues. There are numerous great nightclubs, beer bars and go-go bars along Soi Bangla which present lovely Thai ladies’ performances.

Some of the most popular venues of the area are the following: Soi Crocodile, Soi Eric, Soi Easy, Soi Seadragon, Soi Vegas, Soi Tiger, Kangaroo Bar, Rock Hard A Go-Go, Red Hot and so on.

Bangla Road friedwater/Flickr

Bangla Road ©friedwater/Flickr

Simon Cabaret

As one of the most famous cabaret shows of the entire country, Simon Cabaret is one of the highlights of Patong and Phuket. It is a world famous Vegas-style venue which drags numerous visitors. If you love excellent choreography, fabulous costumes and lovely “ladies” on stage, this is the place to go.

Every detail of the show is just perfect: the transvestites are excellent dancers, the costumes are breathtaking, the lighting and sound system is of a high standard and the show itself is amazing. Simon Cabaret is with no doubt one of the must-visit attractions of Phuket. It presents three shows every day, at the following hours: 18:00, 19:45 and 21:30. (August 2013)

Simon Cabaret fitri.agung/Flickr

Simon Cabaret ©fitri.agung/Flickr

The Paradise Complex

Another highlight of Patong is the fantastic Paradise Complex. This complex is dedicated for those male visitors looking for male companionship. It was supposed to be built as a “gay playground”. Today the complex is extremely popular among gay tourists whi visit Phuket. It includes several clubs, bars, discos, guesthouses, massage venues, restaurants and hotels.  

Patong M0les/Flickr

Patong ©M0les/Flickr

The Jungceylon Shopping Mall

If you would like to go shopping, go to the Jungceylon Shopping Mall. It is a fantastic shopping complex, including over 200 of different stores, restaurants, a five-room cinema and a large bowling alley. It is also a perfect sight for a rainy day.

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