The best attractions in Mae Hong Son Province

Mae Hong Son Province, photo by stee on Flickr

Mae Hong Son Province, one of the mountain provinces of Thailand, is one of the most isolated and fascinating corners of the country, whose infinite charm is something to look forward to for any traveler who wanders in these parts. The province is mountainous, the most mountainous part of the country, and the high peaks are often covered in mists. The natural beauty of the region, the interesting culture of the hill tribes that still retain their traditional way of life, and the richness of the local wildlife are a magnet for an ever-increasing number of tourists. If you are planning on visiting this untouched part of Thailand, here are the best attractions in Mae Hong Son Province.

Mae Hong Son

The provincial capital, Mae Hong Son, is nicknamed the City of Three Mists. This quaint city filled with all sorts of wonders is located in a valley bordered by tall mountains, and almost perpetually covered by mists. Mae Hong Son has long been rather isolated from the rest of Thailand, and it developed a unique atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re exploring a forgotten destination, different from anything else you’ve seen in Thailand. The shores of Mae Hong Son are home to many picturesque wats and shrines.

Fish Cave, Tham Pla Phaseau National Park

Mae Hong Son, photo by on Flickr

When you need to escape cities and civilization for a day, there is no better hiding place than the Fish Cave in Tham Pla Phaseau National Park. These beautiful caves are totally unspoilt, with no man-made facilities to disturb the serenity of the natural setting. The natural cave is crossed by a stream teeming with large freshwater fish that are caught and prepared at a nearby restaurant.

Tham Lot Cave

Tham Lot is the most impressive cave system in Mae Hong Son Province, and one of the most beautiful caves in all of Thailand. It’s not just the stalactites, stalagmites and other interesting rock formations that make this cave very interesting for visitors. Ancient teakwood coffins belonging to various hill tribes have also been discovered in the cave, and if you hire a local guide to take you on a tour of the cave, you will definitely hear many interesting stories about it.

Pang Ung

Pang Ung, photo by on Flickr

Minority villages are some of the best attractions in Mae Hong Son Province, and although some of them can be a bit too touristy for those who prefer ‘authentic’ destinations, Pang Ung is a very interesting litte village. Pang Ung is home to the Shan people, many of whom still live in traditional bamboo houses. One of the highlights of the village is an 80 meter tall bamboo.

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