The 5 Finest Golf-Courses in Thailand

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It seems Thailand is famous not only for its stunning, sandy beaches but also for its accommodating and beautiful golf resorts. And with regard, since many of the new courses that have been built in recent years have attained a world-class level of entertainment and are sought after by many visitors who enjoy playing this game. The 5 finest golf-courses in Thailand, which will be listed below, can surely offer something for everyone, being a professional or a beginner player, or someone who is just tagging along, breathing in the amazing surroundings and landscapes.

Blue Canyon Country Club, Phuket

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The most popular and also the most famous golf course in Phuket (maybe even the country) is the Blue Canyon Country Club. It not only offers a breathtaking scenery, which includes hill slopes, forests, streams and wide spaces, but is also surrounded by a lake and mountains. The play-ground is easy and difficult at times, but with enough stamina and passion, one can easily conquer the holes. Several luxury resorts have a connection with the club, thus accommodation is also available and on a high level. Visitors can relax at the spa or dine at the elegant restaurant after a challenging play.

Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Phuket

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Listed among the top golf resort in the country, the Laguna Phuket Golf Club in the city of Phuket is definitely a destination worth exploring. An 18-hole beautifully green vast marshland has unique lagoons, undulating fairways and hidden coconut groves. The scenery is just as breathtaking as the one at the Blue Canyon Country Club. You can also see the clear blueness of the Andaman Sea and the picturesque landscape of surrounding mountains. There is also a teaching facility for those who are not well acquainted with the game, not to mention various accommodation options visitors can choose from.

Santiburi Samui Country Club, Koh Samui

Koh Samui is a region which can proud itself with only one golf course, though this resort has everything to offer to visitors. An 18-hole layout with forests and streams, boasting the most amazing views of the surroundings, is said to be the most beautiful golf play-grounds in Asia. Being situated on a mountain slope, the course is quite challenging, you could easily say, pretty tough, but that way it is much more exciting to play.

Santiburi Country Club, Chiang Rai

The Santiburi Country Club golf resort is situated in the western part of Thailand, amidst wonderful mountain peaks and bordered by the Mekong River. A layout with 18 holes provides not only breathtaking scenery, with streams and lakes, but also a landscape which is challenging and at the same time easy to handle, thus being an absolute entertainment for both first-timers and professionals. Situated a few kilometers from the city centers, it can offer a relaxing and enjoyable play-ground, away from the noise and hustle of the city.

Chiangmai Highlands Golf and Spa Resort, Chiang Mai

Being situated at the foot-hills of the mountains in east Chiang Mai, the resort has not only beautiful landscapes to offer but also challenging holes and comfortable accommodations. The facilities which are available for both visitors and players include spa, luxury hotels, elegant restaurants and also homes on sale. Though the resort grounds are not so flashily colorful than the ones mentioned above, this golf resort presents a more relaxing and remote experience which is perfect for beginners or loner players.

Trying out either one of these 5 finest golf-courses in Thailand could provide anyone with an unforgettable experience, though of course you have to be at least slightly interested in the game. But if you are, golfing can be just as fun as riding a roller-coaster.


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