Tasting of Thailand’s one hundred fruits

Longan, photo by Junmon_W_Chan/Flickr

Thailand is a magnificent country. There are thousands of things to see and to do here. Besides the numerous cultural and natural attractions, there are other things which can attract a tourist. The Thai cuisine is unique and worldwide famous. There are hundreds of vegetables and fruits which can be found in this Asian country, but are unknown in other continents. In the following article there will be presented some of the numerous fruits of Thailand. Besides the banana or coconut, which can be also found in other countries’ markets, there are some fruits of which you probably haven’t even heard. Read on to find out which are these.


One of the most popular Thai fruits, the longan is a favorite for local people. The fruit was brought to the country hundreds of years ago. Today, it is one of the country’s largest export fruits. The major producing area of the longan is the northern part of the country. The pink longan is the most popular specie of its kind. Thai people respect this fruit and even dedicate festivals to the delicious and sweet longan.

Longan, photo by Junmon_W_Chan/Flickr


Brought from South China, the lychee is widely grown in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai. The sweet fruit has a unique taste, being a little tart. The lychee or litchi makes an ingredient to several Thai recipes, even to cocktail recipes. Local people adore this fantastic fruit.

Lychee, photo by sugree/Flickr


This fruit is very special. It is considered the king of all fruits. The durian has a strong smell, but if it doesn’t bother you, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. You will surely love this delicious fruit. There are different species of durian, such as the golden pillow, the gibbon or the long-stemmed.


The rambutan looks weirs, being a red fruit with greenish hair. Its flesh is white and firm. The most widely grown specie of it is the pink rambutan. The rambatan is related to the longan and lychee. It is usually used in making jellies and jams. Rambutan is also exported to other countries, such as India.

Rambutan, photo by orchidgalore/Flickr

Rose apple

Known as “chomphu” in Thailand, the rose apple is another popular fruit in the country. The unique fruit has the shape of a bell and only slightly sweet. Before you eat the rose apple, you have to cut off the hollow end and get the seeds out of the fruit. Local people often eat the fruit with a sauce named “nampla wan”.


The fruit of sapodilla is named “la-mut” in Thai. It has the shape of an egg. It has a brown skin. The fruit is very sweet and delicious. Those who have tasted this fruit, consider that it is similar to a pear.


The all-year around growing fruit originates from America. The guava has a crispy and white flash. Don’t eat the core if you would like to avoid constipation.


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