Spend your Christmas in Thailand

Christmas tree at Suvarnabhumi Airport ©jackol/Flickr

Traveling for business purposes in Thailand during Christmas? Or would you just like to spend your Christmas in a foreign country? Although over 90% of the Thai population is Buddhist, Christmas is celebrated in many places and Christmas decorations can be seen in hotels, restaurants, on the streets and in numerous shops. It means a big business for local people. Christmas is advantageous primarily for hotels and shopping malls.

As you can see, the tradition of this Christian feast can also be found in a Buddhist country. So, if you love this feast, but you have to spend your Christmas in Thailand for some reason, you don’t have to be worried about the absence of Christmas trees, decorations and delicious meals.

Christmas in Thailand

As I already mentioned it, Christmas is celebrated in this country, too. Although the temperature will be around 30ºC at Christmas and you will have to accept the lack of snow, you will find Christmas trees and decorations in many places. Thai people love the festivals and it is not surprising that they celebrate this Christian feast, too. Due to the effects of globalization, they also celebrate Halloween and Valentine’s Day. For Thai people the 25th of December is not a public holiday. Don’t be surprised if you see people going to work. Some Thai families celebrate this Christian feast. They give presents on Christmas morning to each other and have a celebratory evening meal.

Christmas tree at Suvarnabhumi Airport ©jackol/Flickr

Christmas in Bangkok

Many parts of Bangkok, including parks, hotels, shops and restaurants will present beautiful Christmas decorations. Christmas means big business for the city. Just like in many cities all over the world, Bangkok will present fantastic decorations and twinkling lights. If you will spend your Christmas in Bangkok, you will surely be satisfied by the festive atmosphere and friendly local people who will try to make this feast more beautiful by giving presents to the visitors.

Christmas decoration in Bangkok ©empty007/Flickr

The hotels in Bangkok

As it is obvious, Christmas is very advantageous for the hotels. At this time of the year all hotel rooms are filled. Whether you have to travel to Bangkok for business purposes during Christmas or you just want to spend this feast in the Thai capital city, you will surely be amazed by the services and meals offered by the hotels. All the hotels, including the prestigious Four Seasons will present fantastic Christmas trees and decorations.

The shopping malls in Bangkok

Besides the hotels, the shopping malls and shops in Bangkok, but in other cities, too, will be favored at this time of the year. Tourists will surely spend a lot of money buying gorgeous souvenirs. One of the most beautifully decorated shopping malls, the Peninsula Plaza presents unique decorations during Christmas. As you can see, you don’t have to worry if you have to spend your Christmas in Thailand. It will be like spending it in a Christian country.

Alternative Christmas Tree in Bangkok ©Rev Stan/Flickr


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